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Anyone who’s been stung by nettle before might just cringe at the sight of nettle tea on a supermarket shelf. “Stinging nettle hurts like hell, so why would I Drink it?”, that’s the question that rang in my head when I saw Winnie’s Pure Health Nettle Tea sitting pretty on a Tuskys Supermarket shelf.

Stinging nettle is one of life’s paradoxes. The plant can cause you an incredible amount of pain while still being the solution to your problems. Nettle leaves are used to treat allergies, pain, osteoarthritis, hay fever (nettle controls itching and the sneezing), etc. Nettle leaves can also be cooked or steamed like spinach then served with soup or stew. I think I’ll be sticking to taking it orally for now though.

Drinking nettle tea is extremely beneficial for your kidney. It increases urine production and removal of uric acid. It performs a complete kidney detox making sure to give your body a rich supply of nutrients which include Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin K1, minerals, etc. While 10g of raw spinach gives you 10mg of calcium and 8mg of magnesium, 10g of nettle gives you a whooping 290mg calcium and 86mg of magnesium.

Here’s a couple of things to note about Winnie’s Nettle Tea;


The packaging with this one is a bit flimsily done. I don’t mean anything to do with the wordings and such, but how the product looks. There was a piece of selotape on the box, which, after close observation, I found had no purpose of being there in the first place.

Winnie’s Pure Health Products

After opening the box, I found that its contents had been packed in a small, creased brown bag. Now, I don’t know about you, but this looked a bit ‘hivi hivi’ to me. A brown creased bag is what you go for when you don’t have any other resort. I’d have preferred a Ziploc bag to store the teabags if at all there wasn’t any other way Winnie could store them.

Winnie’s Nettle Tea Review

A brown creased bag has no way of giving me the guarantee that my tea will remain fresh after several weeks. A brown bag to me means the manufacturer had no concern for my visual interests. The packaging was neither appealing nor exciting

Tea bags

The tea bags looked creased. They don’t have that “drink me now, I’m good for you” oomph. Nettle tea is great for your body, but these tea bags don’t even draw you to think of drinking it.

Winnie’s Nettle Tea Review


As I poured my hot water into my cup and saw the colour of the water slowly shift from a light green to a dark brown, I didn’t know what to expect. It already looked like it was going to have an intense taste. However, Winnie’s Pure Health Nettle Tea has a very mild bitter taste. You could easily find yourself downing three cups in succession. I can’t say I enjoyed the taste, but I was comfortable with it.

Winnie’s Nettle Tea Review

Healthy drink

Winnie urges us to ‘Live life the pure health way’. The product has clear instructions on how to prepare nettle tea, the health benefits in store and even a ‘100% organic’ tag. I purchased it at Tuskys for Ksh 170.

Winnie’s Pure Health Nettle Tea Review

As you can probably already tell, Winnie’s Nettle Tea didn’t quite do it for me in terms of visual appeal. I’d love to hear any other nettle tea suggestions you might have. Why drink nettle tea? Because you can improve your kidney function which in turn helps you fight allergies and diseases. It doesn’t hurt to give your kidney a little extra push when it comes to detoxification. I’d recommend drinking one to two cups a day coupled with lots of drinking water.

Please note, nettle tea shouldn’t be consumed by pregnant women or diabetics unless under supervision.


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