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Kish was feeling a bit adventurous the other day and she thought, “You know what, why not let strangers on the internet find out what’s in my bag?”. So here’s a brief look into the things that you are likely to find in my bag if you happen to go through it when I’m in the loo, snatch it on a random street corner or if you’ve just ever sat down and wondered, ‘Hmmm…what does Kish carry in her bag?’ Enjoy 😀

My Bag Contents;

Kish is Wakisha,

Dentyne Gum, I love the new packaging and that it stays tastier and chewy for longer. However, I think they changed the gum’s formula because this new Dentyne feels harder to chew which becomes unbearable in a few minutes.

Vaseline, because why not.

Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction Lotion, smells so intensely good it has such a deep rosy smell that feels like it was dipped in citrus with an extra sprinkle of sweet.

Gentle Care Hand Sanitizer, it has a very strong spirit smell for the first few seconds that follow you emptying its contents onto your hands. After that it just smells clean and lemon-y.

Aryuv Single Pack Wet Tissues, which have like the best packaging ever seen on wet wipes under 100/-.

Tic-tac Strawberry Mix Mints, which have a strawberry and minty flavor. No one’s got time for bad breath.

Nivea Watermelon Shine Lip Balm, which is a regrettable purchase because it feels really cakey on the lips. It leaves my lips dry after a short time which is also why I want my Vaseline handy.

Notebook, because I like to document a lot.

Wallet, because I want my money to manifest quicker.

And of course; a nail cutter and earphones.

What are your bag must-haves? Let me know in the comments below!

 (Pictures taken using LG Nexus 5- HDR on)