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I have come to the conclusion that eggs are highly underrated as a skin care option. Not only did this egg facemask leave my face feeling amazingly smooth, it also left my skin feeling tighter. It’s aimed at reducing acne and blackheads, but can also work for anyone having other skin issues like eczema, rosacea, etc. It also works great for oily skin because it reduces oil on your pores and leaves your dermis breathing better than ever.

For this facemask you will need;

1 egg white

1 egg yolk



Start by separating your egg white and egg yolk. You’re going to be using both at different stages so don’t put your egg yolk too far away. Stir your egg white until it becomes frothy. Wash your face with warm water to open the pores and gently pat dry  with a towel. Use a piece of cotton wool to apply the egg white onto your face, but avoid the area under the eyes and nose. Once you’re done begin placing pieces of tissue on the egg white. Apply more egg white on the tissue as you go.

Two Part Egg Facemask For Acne & Blackheads

Wait 20 minutes and then remove the tissue paper gently. Apply the egg yolk all over your face gently and wait 20 more minutes.

Two Part Egg Facemask For Acne & Blackheads

Stone faced because you can’t smile or speak with this facemask on


After it dries wash it off using cold water to lock the pores and then pat yourself dry with a towel.

My Experience

I love how simple this egg facemask is. I felt its tightness within minutes of applying. My skin felt super smooth after removing the tissues. Part two of the mask went by quickly. Egg yolk made my skin feel like it’s tightening faster and better. After washing off the yolk, I literally wowed at myself in the mirror. My skin looked and felt cleansed. My face also looked whiter and more lifted. My eyebags were less visible than before and my face had that ‘fresh’ look.

Two Part Egg Facemask For Acne & Blackheads

Beauty Benefits of Ingredients Used

The tissue allows you to pull off the extra oils, dirt and debris that was sitting on your skin’s surface. Egg whites help fade acne and blackheads, minimize large pores, reduce the speed of aging, etc. Egg yolks promote skin elasticity, heal dry and itchy skin, hydrates, treats inflammation, slows down aging, etc. Eggs have a bucketload of great nutrients that are literally food to your skin.

Two Part Egg Facemask For Acne & Blackheads

Two Part Egg Facemask For Acne & Blackheads Tips

-Avoid the areas under your nose and eyes because skin here can be very sensitive to stretching. Skin tightening facemasks might make it sag quicker

-Lie down after applying the face mask to ensure it doesn’t pull your face downwards due to gravity

-If you hate the raw egg smell, you may consider adding a little olive oil or lemon juice to mask it

-Use this facemask once a week only.

This could just be one of the easiest and cheapest solutions out there to blackheads, acne and other related skin conditions. I’ll be using this facemask all through March strictly once a week. This softness has me feeling so sensational and confident. Turns out eggs can give your body and skin a perfect start to the day. Have you used this facemask before? Did you like it? Let me know in the comments below.


(Photos taken using LG Nexus 5)