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What would you do if you had the power to decide whether an armed robber got to keep his life or lose it? What a twist this is in your day. Here you were thinking this link would lead you to a review about a series called Tuko Macho, but this writer is giving you job descriptions you have no need for. Jury duty. But that question is just one of the many the Tuko Macho audience is left to wrestle with after every episode. Tuko Macho is Swahili for ‘We’re watching’. It’s a web based series created by The Nest Collective, a team of creatives based in Nairobi. It airs every Thursday at 7:30pm on their Facebook page.

Tuko Macho - The Nest Collective Nairobi

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It’s not a good time to be Detective Salat right now. In fact, one would dare say it is one of the most difficult times. A crew of vigilantes calling themselves ‘Tuko Macho’ has posted a video online about a well-known individual’s crimes and is asking the public to decide his fate. This group has appointed themselves Nairobi’s ‘garbage collectors’. The garbage in this sense refers to crooked individuals; those that the system somehow manages to favor while remaining deaf to citizens’ pleas.

The cinematography is brilliant. The script is mostly done in Sheng with English subtitles. The acting is beautifully done with everyone delivering their roles so clearly that it seems lifelike. The episodes are dimly lit, but this will do very little to hinder the awesome quality of script.

Earlier on, I posed a very important question to you reader. Have you had enough time to answer it?

Tuko Macho is a genius production from The Nest Collective. They have not only mastered the art of concept delivery, but have also managed to get their audience to tackle tough conversations. We are forced by The Nest Collective to delve into ourselves and reflect on our roles as citizens. We are forced to decide whether we want to stand by the Detective who wants to carry out the law uprightly or the masked vigilantes who are clearing our town- one criminal at a time. We don’t know who Tuko Macho will go for next. Most of all, we don’t know whether to be excited or terrified when the question ‘Guilty or Not guilty’ comes up in every episode.

Tuko Macho rating- 9/10

Watch Tuko Macho Episode One Here:

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