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It’s one of those dreadfully cold mornings in Nairobi. We will assume it is June. Two gentlemen are in a crouched position looking at what they have revealed to us is a dead body. We already know who this is and how he arrived at this dilemma called death. Behind the two men is a female officer looking on. One of the two gentlemen is Detective Salat (Ibrahim Muchemi). Aside from dealing with an annoying forensic investigator, he now has one of the most unpredictable cases thrown in his hands. Things aren’t going so well for Salat right now, but things could be better for Charlo.

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The media is having a field day with the Tuko Macho story. Everyone has an opinion on the vigilante gang and as is typical Nairobi fashion, everyone wants to be heard. A few members of the gang are watching the uproar their actions have caused on the news with excitement. Biko stares on nonchalantly. Later we see him conversing with Mwarabu about a chronic pain he’s been suffering from for years now. This may be a euphemism for the pain he bears watching all the injustices in Nairobi.

Biko says the gang will go for 3 more people before calling it quits. If you had the chance to choose for Biko, who would you choose? In this episode they kidnap a famous pastor who has been accused of a hit and run. It is implied that Pastor Kangai has been in the news recently repeatedly mentioning her innocence. Members of her congregaiton swear that she is a stand up lady who can afford her own driver, so what is Biko’s plan? This incident reminds us of a local pastor who was in the news for a similar case just a year ago. Tuko Macho makes everything so relatable for us and that is why everyone is always probably checking their internet connection every Thursday before 7:30pm.

Tuko Macho later release a video with full evidence of the pastor’s crime and asks the public the all-important question, ‘Guilty or Not Guilty’. In this episode, we also get a chance to vote on their website.

Detective Salat has to stop the public from voting again, save Pastor Kangai and stop the Tuko Macho crew.

We like that Tuko Macho are basing their victims on people the public have encountered before. The crooked pastor, the ruthless carjacker, I keep placing bets on their next victim being an MPig. Do you think Nairobi needs a vigilante crew? At the end of the day the city is safer without a Charlo, a crooked pastor, but what about the question of justice? The end may not always justify the means, but that doesn’t make us want to watch this series any less.

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