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Charlo (Hassan Masika) is not lucky this time. On dark nights like these, a job can get done in no more than 30 minutes. He thought he had chosen an easy mark this time- a college kid looking to blow his parents’ money. And here he is, the dark night as his mistress and the fear of his victims as his oxygen. The college kid is shaking like a leaf. Who wouldn’t? Have you seen Charlo? He looks like one of those Instagram bodybuilders. Plus that tight, black muscle shirt is not making matters any better. The notorious Nairobi carjacker has struck again. But there’s something in the air tonight and it smells like justice.

Tuko Macho- The Nest Collective

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There was no way Charlo had this coming. He had calculated everything perfectly tonight, except these guys. They call themselves Tuko Macho- a team of vigilantes who have a burning desire to right the wrongs in Nairobi. Their leader ‘Jonah’ aka Biko (Tim King’oo) has released a video online listing Charlo’s crimes with accompanying evidence. The video has stirred up quite the online conversation since Tuko Macho has asked the public to vote Charlo Guilty or Not guilty. Some say the crew is justified to do this, while others don’t seem too sure.

Tuko Macho Episode One has revealed an interesting plot. Tuko Macho has promised Nairobians that their city is going to change. What does this mean? How far are they willing to go? Biko seems set on the prize, a focused individual who seems a key part of the story. It is almost as if this ‘revenge’ against the city’s scum is personal to him. He is calm and collected, never seeming shaken at any one point.

Mwaratu (Njambi Koikai) is the glue. She’s the one who makes sure everyone is running at 100. She seems like she’s the 2nd in command- Biko’s right hand.

Join me in a round of applause for Jim Chuchu, Njoki Ngumi and Noel Kasyoka who collectively form the brains behind this stellar production. The first episode of Tuko Macho won’t hook you instantly, but it begs you to give it time.

Watch Tuko Macho Episode One Here:

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