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Episode 9 of Tuko Macho begins with our protagonist Biko strapped to a chair. We can see his back. He has been whipped severally and the scars the whip left on Biko’s back are swollen. The scene is painful as well as unpleasant.

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In walks a lady who looks wealthy and the short pleasantries she shares with Biko’s handlers indicate that she ordered the hit on Biko. Ms. Boss (Marianne Nungo) is dressed in all-white, but don’t let this fool you. She is neither an angel nor does she portray any angelic tendencies. Ms. Boss is Satan with a freshly done manicure. She is loud, she is mean and she’s the person Biko screwed over.

Marianne has us laughing at Biko when we should be sympathizing with him. She calls him stupid for ratting out his friends. Ms. Boss is the one who hired KDF soldiers to transport marked ballot papers. We don’t know why she did this. She punches Biko repeatedly with each punch being emphasized more than the last. If it wasn’t for the momentary blinking every now and then, the audience would assume Biko has already lost consciousness.

Ms. Boss tells Biko he is stupid for thinking he can change his country. She mentions the Goldenberg Scandal and Anglo-leasing, two scandals almost decades apart. People made noise about it, but finally shut up. Who did Biko think he was? The change Messiah? When Ms. Boss talks, you can’t help but laugh. She is funny as well as ruthless. You would probably choose eternal suffering than to be in Biko’s place.

Biko is left for dead in a stream, but thanks to gravity and a watchful Hena (Kelly Gichohi) he is rescued and taken to Mwarabu (Njambi Koikai).

When he wakes up, Mwarabu tells him that they christened him ‘Jonah’ in biblical reference to the Jonah who was swallowed by a whale. I’ve always wondered where this Tuko Macho alias came from.

Do you know how heroes become legends? Ms. Boss says that death glorifies a hero. Indeed, our heroes become more famous through death and not their heroic actions. It is saddening to imagine, but what are you going to do to change that?

Tuko Macho Fun Fact

The voice clip used at the credits in this episode is from Kamlesh Pattni’s press briefing the day charges against him were dropped in the Goldenberg Scandal case.