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Biko is finally live on TV with Bertha Yego. This comes after he left the army. He’s told Bertha this story many times and now he’s telling it to the world.

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Biko’s ex-colleagues in the army are watching and they don’t look happy. Neither does Stevo.

Biko’s story has stirred the military, the public as well as the opposition party. His tactic seems to have worked. Biko is questioned before his major and other soldiers. Stevo is among them. There’s an intense staring session between Stevo and Biko that lasts for nearly 10 seconds. You’ve seen this shot before, it was part of the series’ trailer.

Tuko Macho Episode 8 - Paul Ogolla

Biko is the first to break from the stare. He looks unsettled. It’s one thing for you to rat on your workmates and another for you to face them post ratting out. Stevo gives Biko a sly smile that seems to say Alafu sasa?”

Tuko Macho EPisode 8- Paul Ogolla

Things must be going well for Biko. In fact, we can use a stronger word such as “great”. Things must be going great for Biko. He just got honored with an award for being the election whistleblower- “a soldier who displayed bravery by speaking the truth”.

Fast forward to a year later. Biko is sitted next to Bertha. He is broke, he is quiet and he is now ‘Biko the snitch’. He talks of how he is unable to get employment because no one wants to hire a snitch. All the people he ratted out hold new job titles now. The candidate who rigged the election is still in office. Biko had crowds chanting his name and now he nothing but silence.

Was it worth it?

That’s a question Biko has asked Bertha too. Do you remember what she told him? Bertha said she would help Biko. But that was ‘Bertha wa last year’. The new year new Bertha says she only acted as Biko’s guide and not his job hunter. Funny how people can turn on you so quickly. “Just hang in there”, she says. Those four words are to act as some form of encouragement after she was the one who persuaded Biko to leave the army in the first place.

Biko has crossed his friends and now he’s been crossed by the only person he trusted. Nobody likes rats and if the last scene is anything to go by, someone has come seeking revenge against Biko. I’m holding my breath for tomorrow’s episode to find out who. Catch Tuko Macho Episode 9 on The Nest Collective’s Facebook PAGE


(This episode is dedicated to David Sadera Munyakei. He was the young clerk who blew the whistle on the Goldenberg Scandal. He died in 2006- poor, ostracized and having had no employment since he was at CBK. RIP David)