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Daniel Otieno (Bilal Mwaura) is the first Tuko Macho victim that’s been released unscathed. From his debrief, Salat and his partner have identified a few key things about the gang’s hideout. They’ve narrowed down a few possible locations and have launched a manhunt against the vigilante group. I like the part where we see a flash of different scenes indicating that scores of policemen are already on the job.

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Word of this has reached Tuko Macho. We see Hena frantically looking for Mwarabu. She tells Mwarabu that she’s seen cops in the area. Mwarabu calls for an immediate lockdown and tells Hena to alert everyone.

Bertha Yego has thought of a way she can help Biko tell his story. If you remember before, she told him he needs to be the face of the story. She asks him to leave the army for this to be possible. The more he exposes himself, the safer he will be. Bertha asks Biko to lie about his medical state. Her doctor friend can take care of the paperwork; all he has to do is to think about it. Before Biko hangs up the phone, he tells Bertha his real name. It’s a sign of newfound trust and probably the first indication of Biko agreeing with her plan.

When Biko’s lieutenant sees the documents, he’s curious but not suspicious. Biko gets to leave the army. It’s been easy thus far, but he’s just getting to the difficult part. He has to tell one more person goodbye.

Biko calls to Stevo (Paul Ogola) who’s busy slashing grass with other officers. Stevo is surprised to see Biko out of his uniform. Biko tells Stevo that he’s been discharged. It’s just medical stuff, he says.

Stevo is not convinced. He asks Biko whether he’s leaving because of the election conspiracy. Biko tells him that it’s the only way he can deal with the story. Why does it feel like he’s saving himself? Why did he have to make secret plans without telling his friend?

These are questions Stevo is also struggling with. He’s not shy of voicing his displeasure to Biko. Stevo is more than annoyed. If it wasn’t for Tuko Macho’s dark lighting, we could probably see a hint of smoke trickling from his ear. This scene is near to perfect. Stevo feels betrayed. After this confrontation, it’s hard to imagine Biko and him ever talking again. It’s a perfect end to this episode and the music playing at the closing credits is genius.

This is definitely my best Tuko Macho episode as yet.

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