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Big Show’s body has been discovered at the market dump. His death has caused such a frenzy among several parties including news outlets, informal traders, etc.

Salat’s partner has seen footage of Big Show’s kidnaping and spotted Hena. We saw this coming. Her stunt is definitely going to cost the Tuko Macho crew.

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The gang kidnaps their next victim, a matatu driver by the name Daniel Otieno (Bilal Mwaura). Biko tells Mwarabu (Njambi Koikai) that Daniel’s crime is driving irresponsibly. The group releases a video asking the public to vote on Daniel’s guilt or innocence. In this episode we don’t see the team filming the video, but we see the reaction its causing among members of the fictional public.

When the vote tally is in, Daniel Otieno has been voted Not Guilty and the crew is forced to free him. Biko is disappointed. Mwarabu asks him if their mission is done since they’ve hit the fourth mark and Biko had promised it would be their last. He tells Mwarabu that they need to make another video; the public didn’t understand the motive of Daniel’s capture. Mwarabu refuses. The point of this episode was to get us to question Biko’s logic. Is he right or wrong for thinking a lowly driver deserves the death penalty?

Tuko Macho released Daniel Otieno into the same routine they had taken him from. Careless drivers end up causing deaths on our roads on a weekly basis. It begs the question, is to save the life of one at the price of countless deaths right or wrong?

In this episode’s dose of flashback, we see Biko finally meeting with Bertha Yego (Millicent Ogutu). She’s a journalist who wrote a controversial piece on the elections. Biko hands her the ballot paper and tells her the story of the night he transported the marked ballot papers with Stevo. Bertha is half convinced. She tells Biko he needs to give her more conclusive material. Bertha tells Biko he needs to be the face of the story.

They are sitted in a café or what looks like a restaurant. Bertha is sitted on the opposite side of Biko. Biko has his head in his hands. He looks like a man stuck at a crossroads. To him, bertha must have been his last hope of redemption. What do you do when you have a secret that’s too heavy for you to bear?

Tuko Macho fun fact

This is the only episode after episode 1 that didn’t pull in the public to vote for the latest Tuko Macho victim.


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