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Salat’s clue is huge. In fact, I dare say it is groundbreaking for his team and him. He’s noticed the marks on the wall behind Big Show in the Tuko Macho broadcast. These marks indicate that the crew is somewhere underground. He’s even identified some key areas which may have their possible hideout. Way to go Salat.

The police department has come up with a clever way of making the public avoid Tuko Macho’s voting process. Their strategy? Tell the public that the police will know the name and location of everyone who visits Tuko Macho’s website. Riiiiiight.

Members of the public ignore the warning and vote guilty anyway. Big Show’s death is a quiet one without any struggle such as crooked Pastor Kangai or one without a show of bravado like Charlo’s When the crew is removing his body from the scene, our attention is drawn to Hena (Kelly Gichohi). Biko noticed her too and prompts her to tell him the problem. Hena tells Biko she doesn’t understand the motive behind killing Big Show.

“Big Show anahustle tukihustle”, Hena says. He’s just a tiny part of a system that thrives with or without him. Biko listens to her keenly and then tells her that it’s the system’s fault. How can they clean up the system without getting rid of the underdogs? His explanation isn’t really an explanation and Hena clearly looks unsatisfied. Her doubts remind us of the time she looked at the camera in the last episode.

Tuko Macho Episode 4 Hena








When Salat learns about Big Show’s death he is with Nikki (Veronica Wacheke) (the prostitute we saw in previous episodes). Nikki to us, is Salat’s refuge. The irony of their relationship is that she’s a prostitute, a vice in the society, while Salat is the moral force. They both watch the Big Show video. Nikki fears that the Tuko Macho crew is more of a ticking time bomb. “Naona wataanza kukujia watu ka mimi”, she says.

In this episode’s flashback scene, Stevo is having lunch while watching the news. It’s a piece on the opposition party countering the election poll results. He motions Biko to watch it. Biko still thinks they should tell someone, but Stevo tries to convince him that they should keep their mouths shut.

Biko is conflicted. He’s wrestling with whether to do the right thing or honor his friend’s wishes. The guilt is eating him up morsel by morsel and he doesn’t know whether to shut up or speak up. His inner demons push him to do the latter. We see him making a call and hear him mentioning the name Bertha Yego. We don’t know who this is, but we know Biko may be crossing into dangerous territory and maybe sometimes the truth doesn’t always set you free.


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