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Tuko Macho Episode 4 is the shortest of all the Tuko Macho episodes yet, clocking at a little over 10 minutes. However, many themes are explored in this episode. If you haven’t watched it yet, watch it below.

It starts off with a flashback. Flashbacks are important in movies/series because they give us an understanding of the protagonist’s motives. The protagonist in this scenario is Biko alias Jonah (Tim King’oo), the Tuko Macho ringleader. We know he is angry with the system, but we don’t know what fuels him to fight it. In the last episodewe saw his friend Stevo (Paul Ogola) and him uncover a plot to rig the elections. In this flashback scene, Stevo hands Biko a newspaper with an article insinuating that the elections may have been rigged. “The tallying of the voters was more than voters”, Stevo says. Biko feels they should tell someone about this discovery, but Stevo is not too excited about that idea. Stevo is fearful and this may be a case of misplaced loyalty. Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) soldiers have a mandate to protect their country. In this scenario, Stevo would rather be loyal to the army instead of his country.

One reason why we love Tuko Macho is because we can resonate with 90% of what’s portrayed. In this episode we’re introduced to Big Show aka Simon Kimemia (Rapcha The Sayantist) who is a City Council officer, but in Nairobi we call them ‘Kanjo’. The term ‘Kanjo’ may be one of the few words in the world that can cause Nairobians, specifically city hawkers, an instant panic. We saw the daily tribulations hawkers go through in Kanjo Kingdom filmed by Africa Uncensored. Tuko Macho episode 4 uses scenes from this 4-part series and adds its own bit on Big Show.

Allow me to draw you a picture of Big Show. He’s that primary school bully that thinks he’s the sweetest thing on earth. You know the one. He walks with a mighty swagger and every time you see him; you blame yourself for the dark thoughts that pop into your head. He’s the guy you don’t want to get caught staring at.

In Tuko Macho, he’s the Kanjo officer no one wants to mess with. He struts his frame through one of Nairobi’s many alleyways and picks up a pack of biscuits from a hawker’s stock. He rips it, takes out one, bites it and then throws it in the rest of the stock. According to John Allan Namu’s documentary, this happens on a daily basis and hawkers are people who are barely getting by. Big Show instills so much fear that the hawkers don’t even dare say anything as he walks from one to the next while degrading them and their stock. Big Show believes he is invincible, but his 40 days are about to run out right about… now.

There’s a slight scuffle in the alley and before Big Show can even make out what’s happening, the Tuko Macho crew has struck again. There’s something messy with this scene though. We see Hena (Kelly Gichohi) looking up at a CCTV camera. This is a rookie mistake if you ask me. It’s something we haven’t seen been done with other previous kidnappings. She knew the camera was there, so why did she look up?

Tuko Macho Episode 4 Hena

Tuko Macho releases a video of Big Show captured and show the public scenes from Kanjo Kingdom. Even when Big Show is bound in Tuko Macho’s ‘death’ seat, he says, “Sisi ni Kanjo, hakuna kitu mnaweza tufanya. Sisi ni wenye Nairobi”. The illusion of power is still so strong.

Am I the only one who thinks Salat’s team is working too slowly? They are just finding out where the site host is located, feedback from Kencom has finally come in and he’s just now looking at forensic reports. In the latest Tuko Macho video, he notices something on the walls. He might have a clue on where their hideout is.

For the first time ever, Salat is a step closer to finding the Tuko Macho crew. Will he finally make a break in the case?

Tuko Macho Fun Fact

The show always runs accurate real-world news happenings at the bottom of the news bulletins in the series.


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