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Can we just take a moment to appreciate the excellent cinematography that is Tuko Macho? If I was to summarize episode 12 of Tuko Macho it would have to be in a lengthy pause followed by the word ‘Wow’. Never in a million years would I have dreamt up a more epic episode.

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While watching this episode, you can clearly notice how much growth all these characters have been through. We’ve come to see Mwarabu (Njambi Koikai) portrayed as the caring, sweet but stern mother. Hena (Kelly Gichohi) is like that last born who’s all grown up, but still needs direction and guidance. Biko (Tim King’oo) is that stubborn guy who will never listen or heed any warning. He will always follow his own advice. Salat (Ibrahim Muchemi) is like David, fighting Goliath (the evil in Nairobi) with a slingshot. Tech (Ian Thiong’o) is that sibling who will never tell on you to your parents even when threatened with a slipper or mwiko or death.

I feel like there’s a piece of me in all these characters, but I definitely identify most with Mwarabu. I feel like she represents stability and safety, there’s a certain defiance about her that I have come to love and crave.

Tuko Macho Episode 12

I like the scene where she’s at the bar with Salat. She’s calm and collected. She knows why she came to meet him and she states her terms clearly. Mwarabu is unafraid. I like her stand on Biko. At first I thought she left him out in the cold, but I see now that she wanted him to face his demons… which he did.

The soundtracks used in this episode pair with the scenes perfectly. They unexpectedly alter your mood. You’ll find yourself fighting the urge to cry in the last scene. You’ll find yourself gently nodding your head in the bar scene. Excellent choice of music.

I didn’t know the motive behind Mwarabu telling Salat where Biko is or that he’s also known as Jonah. This episode keeps you guessing all the way.

The conversation between Mwarabu and Salat is one of the highlights of the show. The exchange is purely in sheng, a language widely spoken in Nairobi. It depicts culture and belonging.

When Mwarabu leaves the meeting with Salat, she returns to gizani and orders all gates to be closed. Meanwhile, Biko has woken up Kadhu (Marianne Nungo) for the first time since the kidnapping. It’s interesting to see her in this position. It’s a classic case of the hunter becoming the hunted.

Unknown to Biko, Salat is busy tiptoeing in the same building, gun in hand. When Salat finds Biko, he’s busy having a smoke. He asks Biko where Kadhu is and to his surprise and ours, Biko already let her go. Why? That’s all I want Jim Chuchu (director) to tell me. Why?

Biko and Salat have a brief exchange. Biko tells Salat that Tuko Macho was a success. Change came to the city and Salat agrees with him.  Biko’s method wasn’t lawful, but it produced results. Salat can’t fight that. Plot twist: Salat has given Biko an out. This moment was as unexpected in the series as it is in this post. Biko can run. He’s free. We see him turn his back on Salat slowly and just when he’s fully facing forward, a gunshot! What just happened? Only Salat knows for sure.

He tells the media that Biko escaped. We don’t know whether this is true. I think Biko is out there in the shadows, concocting Tuko Macho’s next plan. He’ll probably go back to gizani and make amends with Mwarabu.

Salat is through with the crime life. Letting Biko go felt like the first and last straw for him. As Nikki watches Salat drive away, we can feel the loss on the other side of our phone and computer screens. We’re saying goodbye to one of our favourite heroes. He was working on the other side, but he had some good in him. Instead of a cape, he had a badge. Who would’ve thought?


Sidenote: Am I the only one who thinks that the scene where Salat and his partner spot Hena was too lucky? So they were in the exact street in the vast Nairobi where Hena was passing by at the same exact time as she was? Also, Salat just happened to think that that was a good time to resume the search? I think the Nest Collective played us here, yaani, ‘hapa tulienjoyiwa’.


Tuko Macho Fun Fact

-At 00:38, we can catch a glimpse of the mic and again at 00:59.


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