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In Tuko Macho Episode 10, we saw Biko (Tim King’oo) ask Tech (Ian Thiong’o) to help him with capturing Bernadette Kadhu (Marianne Nungo). Tech is living up to his promise this week.

We will assume that Biko has been tracking Kadhu for some time now.

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He’s parked outside her gym watching her cobalt blue Toyota VX pull up into the establishment. Tech has a contact on the inside who can help Biko with getting access into the building. Tech says his contact used to live with them at Mwarabu’s shelter- gizani.

I think ‘gizani’ is an appropriate name for their hideout. It’s in the shadows, unreachable and a place you can flee to when you have nowhere else to run to. It’s no wonder it houses kids as well as other first time characters appearing in this episode.

Tech’s contact is more than eager to help Biko.

Mwarabu asks Biko why he seems to enjoy the lockdown considering his original Tuko Macho plan didn’t go as he wanted. She suspects that Biko is hiding something by the way he expresses his content with the situation.

Biko’s plan to kidnap Kadhu is successful, but on the other side Mwarabu has been warned that Tech isn’t in the area. This is a pretty big deal considering there’s an ongoing lockdown: 32 days to be exact. When Biko, Tech and Tech’s contact come back to gizani, they find a fuming Mwarabu waiting for them.

Mwarabu is furious at them and rightly so. There’s so much heat from the Tuko Macho manhunt and Biko’s gone and added salt to injury by kidnapping a minister. Mwarabu tells Tech to enter the hideout and promises to deal with him later. Kinda like how an African mum promises to punish you later because she knows if she does it right there and then she’d have to be planning a funeral later. Tech’s contact has nowhere to hide so Mwarabu welcomes her into gizani.

Biko, on the other hand, is told to ‘jisort’. Biko is now walking around with a kidnapped minister bundled over his shoulders. What next?

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