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We’re still caught up in Biko’s (Tim King’oo) backstory. It’s been 6 months since he disappeared and his name is all over newspaper headlines. At his memorial service, Bertha describes him as brave and fearless. Biko watched the memorial service at Mwarabu’s (Njambi Koikai) hideout.

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He’s disappointed that his actions didn’t change anything and his disappearance hasn’t either. Funny, even after forgetting about him for over a year, the public came together to mourn him. Death turns heroes into legends and it also unites people.

Biko wants to go back, but Mwarabu tells him that’s impossible at this point. Everyone thinks he’s dead including the people who tried to kill him. Going back would be a mistake. I agree with Mwarabu.

Biko comes up with the Tuko Macho plan at this point in time. His vision for Tuko Macho is change and action. He wants a system of justice that punishes the real wrongdoers and the power belongs to the public. We now know his motive behind forming the crew. Biko has always had a burning desire to make things different, but Mwarabu isn’t so sure about this idea. She tells Biko it’s dangerous and death is too severe a punishment. She has the kids at the hideout in mind. She also has the general public in mind. She tells Biko that people always forget- “Watu ni wale wale”. How absurd of Mwarabu to say so. It’s not like we’ve forgotten about the Goldenberg scandal, the post-election violence, Anglo-leasing, the Eurobond saga, etc. Tuko Macho is reminding us that such evils are still very much unresolved and that the public shouldn’t take this lightly.

Biko is determined to go through with his plan. Mwarabu is half-convinced, but she’s always believed in change. Biko talks about her library of books with subjects on war and politics. Tuko Macho uses mini-second flashes of said books, one of them being Animal Farm by George Orwell.  If she doesn’t want to make a difference, why does she encourage children to read those books?

Forward to current events- Mwarabu’s lockdown is still in effect. It’s been almost a month since it was initiated. We see Biko catching a news clip about a newly appointed minister. It is none other than Ms. Boss, the woman who ordered him killed. Hold up, did the vicious woman who we labelled a She-Satan just get rewarded with a position in office?

Her name is Bernadette Kadhu (Marianne Nungo) and she is the incoming Minister for Internal Security. She looks like a gentle lamb on TV. At her press conference she says that her first task as minister will be to deal with Tuko Macho. I don’t know about you, but I smell a cold cup of revenge brewing. Ms. Boss and Biko will go head to head and I’m terrified of how excited I am about the war that’s coming.