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It’s flu season and it has been so for quite a while now. The first time I realized there was an epidemic was when I found people complaining online and then shortly after people started complaining offline i.e. via text & other media.

I hate having a cold and this time when I caught one, I tried my best to keep my cold from persisting! I was fully recovered within 3 days which is the shortest I’ve ever had a cold. This is a guide to help you recover if you’re having a cold right now or also prevent one if you feel it coming.

1.Steam session

The first time I saw Mentho plus, I didn’t give it a second look. I mean, what kind of name is ‘mentho’? We all know it should be menthol. It’s one of those ointments that is highly underrated. I use it with hot water to treat a cold and also for muscle pain.

Tips For Treating A Cold, How To Treat A Cold

Boil water until it is hot and carefully pour into a bowl. Take the sharp edge of a spoon and scoop a small portion of the ointment. Stir it in the water and cover your entire head with a large cloth. The idea is to ensure your face is in the steam and try and breathe out using your blocked nose.

Tips For Treating A Cold, How To Treat A Cold

This method eases congestion and relieves chest pain, headaches, etc. If you do this before bed you will find that it’s very easy to sleep and you’ll also feel calmer and more relaxed.

2.Keep drinking

Have a flask of hot water near you so you can keep hydrating. Hot liquids relieve nasal congestion. I hear a hot toddy can do wonders for a clogged chest, but I’m yet to try it.

3.Keep warm

Layer on a scarf, socks, hat, sweater, i.e. anything that can keep you fully warm, but comfortable. Body heat helps to attack the bacteria that’s making you ill. That’s why your cold starts off with a terrible fever- it’s your body’s way of fighting back.

Tips For Treating Your Cold

4.Lemon & ginger water

This is an amazing concoction- gets me warm, can soothe a sore throat, and gets me feeling more relaxed. Make sure to either grate or slice your ginger into very thin pieces.

Tips For Treating A Cold, How To Treat A Cold

Get the recipe HERE


This is probably my favourite thing on this list. When you’re feeling under the weather, your body is working overtime to fight the bacteria. Taking time to rest helps you recharge and also helps you heal faster.

When you have a cold, don’t be afraid to take several naps during the day or binge watch a new series. Consider this a time to prioritize self-care. Do what makes you feel relaxed for it’s what will make you recover faster. I hope you get well soon!

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