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I love thinking about the things that make me happy and I just discovered, writing about them makes me happy as well. And what’s life if you can’t spend it finding ways to create your own happy? Below are some of the things that always win my heart;

1.The Beach

Have you ever met someone and knew right away that they were your half? An exact mirror of you in every way… that’s how I felt the first time I watched Moana. I absolutely love the ocean and the beach. Nothing matches watching those first rays of the sun slowly rise behind the water. Magic. An ocean has the ability to melt all my worries away.

And because we’re here right now, I might as well go ahead and put it out in the universe, “I want to own a beach house one day”.

  1. An Empty Cloth Basket

It can only mean I have fresh, clean clothes waiting for me. Yaay!

  1. Mpesa Text Message

Nothing beats the feeling of an Mpesa text message. It doesn’t matter whether it’s someone returning a loan, sending a payment or even a wrong transaction. This kind of joy has no bounds.

  1. Fresh Sheets

I always do a ten second happy dance when I land in between my fresh sheets. It always feels so good to be in the midst of all that cleanliness. Plus, you almost always end up sleeping like a baby when you have fresh sheets.

  1. Facemasks

Facemasks help me relax and take a moment for myself. It’s so easy to get caught up in the pressures of adulthood- the when will I make it; time is running out moments. It’s important to take some time off for yourself and one of the ways I do that is by setting time aside for a facemask every week. If I don’t then I won’t feel right in my system.

  1. Free Wi-Fi

A person who uses an Airtel modem for internet will appreciate just how amazing free Wi-Fi can be.

  1. Gratitude

You’re probably getting tired of hearing me say how much of a blessing gratitude is. I’ll tell everyone I can about how important it is to spare a few minutes of your day to just think about how much blessed you are which in turn invites more blessings into your life.

It makes me instantly happy to note down things in my head that I would normally take for granted like fresh air, trees, my fingers, etc… these are all things we don’t put much thought into when we are sucked into our busy everyday lives. Gratitude relieves stress, makes me more positive and did I mention how happy I am?

What makes you happy? Over time I hope to add things onto this list- slowly working my way to a time when there will be too many things for me to name.