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There are a lot of good LG phones in the current market, but there was a time when things weren’t always that way. LG was going through a phase during the early Android era where it seemed to have a love for constantly releasing not-so-well-thought-out phones. In recent times, we’ve seen LG redeem themselves by constantly pushing boundaries with mobile technology.

It doesn’t matter if it’s display technology, design or imaging, LG has tried to attempt firsts with its flagship releases. And the LG G5 doesn’t disappoint one bit in this regard.

The LG G5 is kind of in its own league. I like to call it “The League of Extraordinary LGs”. It has no equal in today’s mobile space. Kind of like the Rolls Royce of phones. I will try to explain below.

LG G5 Review

LG G5 Review: Design

There’s nothing to write home about regarding the phone’s design. It isn’t fancy, showy or eye catching. Samsung’s S7 Edge looks more stunning, like the phone all phones want to be when they grow up. Or like the kid who is just kicking ass at puberty.

LG G5 Review

The G5’s matte finish is gorgeous and it also aids grip. There’s also something about those edges that looks excessively brilliant. It weighs 159g, which is considerably light when compared to other phones. It is lighter than its predecessor and that we like.

LG G5 Battery Review

The G5 battery can last all day even with heavy usage. If you’re taking pics and videos all morning, it may need to fuel up at lunchtime. The LG G5 can power from 0-100 real quick in just under 80 minutes which is quite impressive.

LG G5 Review

What makes the LG G5 one of the most raved about phones of 2016 so far is its modular features. It has a removable battery, something most smartphone users have been aching for, for years. Its modular component is located at the bottom of the device’s chassis.

LG G5 Review

Here you can access the G5’s removable battery, attach accessories to the phone like the LG Cam Plus, hardware controls (zoom controls, a hardware key, a video button) to the device’s camera, etc. The fact that LG has gifted us this feature is great, but it does have its downfalls. The G5’s modular component is unnecessarily chunky and you have to restart your phone every time you remove the battery.

LG G5: Hardware & Specs

Here’s a list of specs after which I’ll show you why the LG G5 is one of the major players of 2016.

-Android 6.0 Marshmallow with UX 5.0


-Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor

-32 storage

-Micro-SD card slot (up to 200GB)

-Dual cameras (16Mp 78 degree and 8Mp 135 degree) with OIS and laser auto focus.

-2800mAh removable battery

-8MP front camera

-Cat 9 4G LTE

-USB Type-C charger port. You won’t be able to use the regular USB cables for charging.

-Measures 149x74x7.7mm & weighs 159g

Smartphones in this era are a lot like sports cars. They’re so powerful, come with plenty of specs than what you need them for and are overall amazing. The Snapdragon 820 handles 4K video, imaging, fast 4G Connectivity, – it’s that thing that keeps other things running. With the G5, nothing and I mean nothing lags. Not even things like video editing. What’s even better is that the battery just keeps going and going. And going.

The Always On feature is definitely something to love. The time, date and your notifications are shown when the phone is on standby. This means you don’t have to turn on the whole screen every time you want to check the time.

LG G5 Review

LG G5 Camera Review

The G5’s camera technology is mind blowing. LG sought out to do something different with this by packing in dual-rear camera setup which features 16MP sensor with a 75 degrees field of view alongside an 8MP sensor with a… wait for it… 175 degrees field of view lens! That’s wider than what your eyeballs see. The idea is to give users a DSLR experience without the weight, heavy lens and cost.

LG G5 Review

The first time you use the wide angle lens you’ll be surprised by how much can fit into the frame. You will lose some detail, remember it’s an 8MP setup. However, when you want to capture a monstrous structure’s interior, or a sunset at beach, you’ll want to kiss yourself for buying the LG G5. You can switch between two cameras by the touch of a button. It also has other useful camera features like choosing between RAW & Manual mode, controlling white balance, focus, optical image stabilization (OIS), etc. It’s a great camera; fully featured and easy to use.

LG G5 Verdict: Yay or Nay?

The LG G5 is something special. I think the camera is amazing, the modular feature is a risk they’ve succeeded at and it has excellent performance. LG is always trying to do something new with their phones and I salute them for it.  I’d break the bank for this one, despite the not so amazing modular aspect. LG G5, you get a 7/10 from me.

(I do not own any of these pictures. Credit goes to the owners)

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