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Here at Kish is Wakisha we take spa nights very seriously. Spa nights are exclusively “me time”. That means no phone calls are being picked up, no exposure to negativity is happening and an invisible ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign is plastered on my forehead.

I love spa nights and I try and do them at least once every week. Tonight’s the night ladies and gents and I can promise you by the end of the whole process I’m usually feeling like a whole new person. It usually goes down this way;


I’ll start off with a facemask before showering to get that face popping and glowing. I use different facemask recipes depending on what problem I am experiencing or what result I desire. For example, in this facemask below I used avocado to infuse moisture and turmeric to heal skin because I had a few rashes on my forehead and parts of my cheeks.

2.Lip Scrub

Hi my name is Kish and I have a problem with moisturizing my lips. I always forget to do it! Tonight’s lip scrub features sugar, honey and coconut oil instead of almond oil which I used below.

I want to add a little extra moisture and counter that dryness feeling I experienced with the sugar+honey+almond oil scrub. I’ve used the combo with coconut oil before and I had no complaints.

The result is usually clean, peel-free, pink lips that scream ‘look at me!’.

3.Body Scrub

Going with the simplest body scrubs of all i.e. a honey, lemon and sugar scrub for tonight. This one promises to leave skin looking soft and young. Every time I wash off this scrub I feel like I could do it every day- which of course is highly discouraged because daily exfoliation can weaken skin. But you feel so good afterwards and refreshed and like your skin is floating. If that makes sense.

Honey Sugar Lemon Scrub

Gentlemen, exfoliation and skin care is more important for you because you use razors against your beards which can irritate your skin and cause bumps and ingrown hairs. Exfoliation helps you avoid this problem. Ladies, who doesn’t enjoy smooth skin that feels like butter? Treat your skin to some TLC tonight and watch how you feel afterwards.