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Remember how I showed you how you need to take care of your hands? Well another important body part I forgot to tell you about is your feet.

Your feet are just as neglected as your hands (if not more). Think about it, when’s the last time you showed your feet a little love? They help you get from A to B every day and it’s important to show them a little TLC.

These practices can help you do just that: –


If you are prone to dry heels, this could be an extremely helpful practice for you. Exfoliating your feet eliminates the ashiness and reveals new and fresh looking skin. The result is soft and moisturized feet that look healthy. You can do this practice once a week.

Soaking feet in warm water

Just like for your hands, this practice eases the effects of pollution, dust and tiredness. It also promotes blood flow and relaxes you after a long stressful day. Works great when you feel beat from walking around all day.


Nothing like a nice foot rub after a long day, or every day!

Wearing socks

If you have cracked heels, moisturizing your feet then wearing socks is a good way to keep them from drying and also promote their health. It’s a practice that helps protect your feet, especially during cold months when the air can be drying.

What’s a simple thing you do to protect your feet? I’d love to know in the comments below!