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If you have 7 minutes to spare, Angry Nerd Entertainment and Movie Jabber will take you on a journey to a place where nothing exists except the stench of death and the fading will to live. Signal is a film set in a post-apocalyptic Kenya where one girl is the only proof that any kind of life existed on what we assume is the entire planet itself.

Watch “Signal” here:

In Signal the survivor (Annbell Mabiru) walks through empty streets as she narrates to us what her new world represents to her. There’s something about her voice and her words that digs to the deepest core of her audience and entrances them- such that we find that we not only listen to what she has to say, but are also slowly drawn into her world.

Signal An Apocalyptic Film Review

I found myself so mystified, that when she bumped into a zombie on the road I also jilted back in my seat. This scene irked me a little because I thought ‘Great. Another walking Dead rip off’, but I gave it time. The Angry Nerds proved me wrong. This is a story of a young woman who dares to be resilient even when the world doesn’t look like it has room for such qualities.

Signal An Apocalyptic Film Review

The camera work is well done, the shots are impressive- I love it when they zoom into her face and I feel like I am swallowed by a black hole of misery. I love the scenery- the locations. I had no idea the lake at Machakos People’s Park could have such a heavenly shimmer. I loved the young girl’s acting- she is able to make us feel her pain, her panic,¬†she doesn’t say a thing throughout the film except for her narration, yet she’s able to keep our eyes fixed on her. Her younger brother’s (Clive Kioko) acting didn’t really do it for me though.

I think Angry Nerd and Movie Jabber made a daring move with Signal and for that we need to applaud them. This short film is about courage in a time when that is impossible. Is the survivor doomed to walk alone? It doesn’t seem so. In the final scene she gets a glimmer of hope…has she finally found her Adam?

Signal An Apocalyptic Film Review

Things to Note:

-The survivor says she’s living in a world where she has to fight zombies to survive, but her nails look well-manicured and her hair is well done

-In some parts of the movie you’ll find that the extra sound effects overpower the narrator or are too prolonged. It can be incredibly annoying. I caught the bird that just wouldn’t shut up at 2:20.