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There are many truths in this world. One is that we are all one, lone travelers each on his own journey. A second one would be that we are not alone in the universe. And a third would be that there’s no such thing as too much Sauti Sol.

Indeed, the boys are back and this time it’s an East African collaboration with Alikiba from Tanzania. Unconditionally Bae is the latest single from Sauti Sol and is a funky love ballad that talks about how it is difficult to find love in the modern world.

Sauti Sol’s lyrics talk of a hope for an unconditional bae- a man or woman who loves you for who you are and not just because you can be their sponsor.

“Ju siku hizi madame hupenda doh na machali tunazo drama, ya dunia ni mengi sana, no commitment mama”

King Kiba’s lyrics are playful and as with all his other songs, he delivers stunning vocals beautifully.

Sauti Sol Feat Alikiba Unconditionally Bae Music Video Review

The Unconditionally Bae video is shot at English Point Marina, Mombasa and the place is breathtakingly beautiful. There are shots of Sauti Sol and Alikiba with a bevy of beauties in a Jacuzzi and swimming pool. The aerial shots of the property are so spectacular, they’ll get you saving up for your next Coast holiday. If I had superpowers, I’d probably ditch my jetpack and draw an ‘S’ on my chest just before flying over English Point Marina with Unconditionally Bae by Sauti Sol and Alikiba booming through my earphones.

In the video the boys are clad in open shirts and pants, but sometimes ditch the shirts and show us their well-crafted abs. Props to whoever advised Sauti Sol to hit the gym because they look delicious. You too Alikiba.

If you liked Sura Yako by Sauti Sol, you’re definitely going to enjoy Unconditionally Bae. My favorite part of the song is the first ten seconds which is such an exciting way to start the song. The introduction coupled with those afro beats gets you wanting to listen to what Sauti Sol have to say.

Sauti Sol’s and Alikiba’s Unconditionally Bae video is 7 minutes long and is a combination of two videos; the main video and a dance video. The dance video really didn’t do it for me, but I love the dancers’ energy and bubbliness. It makes you want to dance along with them even when you know you can’t dance to save your own life!

This is a song I’d play anytime I want to feel that African groove or get in a party mood. Sauti Sol & Alikiba’s Unconditionally Bae gets a 7/10 from me. What about you?

You can watch the Sauti Sol Feat. Alikiba Unconditionally Bae Music Video here.


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