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We’re through with the first quarter of 2017, basically halfway through the year right now which means when we wake up tomorrow it’ll be 25th December 2017. How are you feeling? I’m mostly panicked, reciting calming phrases to the voices inside my head. At the beginning of this year I noted down resolutions and goals and it’s time to check in with myself. What’s happening? Am I on the right track?

Similar questions may be bothering you too, and this post is your assurance that you’re not alone in this. I’ve prepared a sort of guide on how to process the 1st quarter of 2017. This structure works for me and you can alter it in any way you like.

The Congratulatory Phase

One thing I know for sure is that this is not the time to beat yourself up on what you didn’t achieved or where you think you should be. If you think about it, things change. Some of the goals you listed down have now evolved into bigger and better things.

Reflections For The 2nd Quarter of 2017

Start by congratulating yourself. There are a few things you already have going this year e.g, you started an exercise routine, you got a new job, you managed to start waking up an hour earlier, etc. It’s the time to note down those achievements and feel way better about yourself.

The Questioning Phase

After listing down your achievements, it’s time to identify what’s working the best for you. What’s making you the happiest? What makes you feel most confident? For example, I started a gratitude jar at the beginning of the year. It’s a practice that is helping me grow into a more conscious and appreciative person. I dig it. As long as it is growing me as a person, I want to keep it going. The questioning phase helps you identify the things that are building you in a positive way. After all, aren’t we all striving for growth?

Reflections For The 2nd Quarter of 2017

Analyzing “The Failures”

“Failure is nothing to a committed man. 100 failures is just 100 lessons”. You had a few goals, but for some reason or another you haven’t started them. Or you got a hangup in the middle and quit. If you’re determined to achieve it, start again. There’s no shame in it.

Reflections For The 2nd Quarter of 2017

Somewhere along the #52WeekChallenge I stopped saving 🙁


The What Next Phase

It’s time to think about things that will excite you going forward. Maybe you are just now catching up with your fitness goals. Get excited! There’s no better feeling than the rush of starting something new. I’m feeling excited about posting more on here and on my soon to come YouTube channel.

I felt so much better after I went through this and just made a list and talked to myself on paper. It was a sort of therapy session for me. I’d say it would work for anyone who’s feeling a bit discouraged or overwhelmed about ‘time moving too fast’. We’re all in this life thing together.

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