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It’s about that time again when I let you inside my handbag and you get to see the secrets I hold. Am I the only person who usually wonders what people are carrying in the handbags? I feel like you can know someone’s personality by seeing the items in their bag. 😀 Is Kish walking around with the keys to the lost city of Atlantis? You’re going to find out today.

Peek Inside My Bag

You would find these particular items in my bag on a day I know isn’t going to involve too many activities; hence smaller bag. This bag is 30% spacious, which can be either a good or bad thing at times. Good when you’re having a light day and bad when you need to stuff things inside your bag and you can’t because… well, let’s peek inside my bag.

Peek Inside My Bag


-Nivea lip balm (in a bigger bag, this would have been swapped for a tiny tub of Vaseline)

-Kotex panty liner. (This version comes with separate sealed liners which promotes hygiene. Comes in a square box marked Kotex panty liners)

-Nail cutter

-Tiny money purse

-Sticky notes pad with biro (I prefer this to a notebook in meetings because it’s compact)

-Cottons ‘be natural’ tampons (purchased as 16 tampons in two separate boxes of 8 each. I like that the boxes are small and can fit in this small bag. Eliminates the need to carry a large pad that would take up too much space.

-Hubba Bubba gum. Recently I stumbled upon Hubba Bubba chewing gum! A gum that I had known to be extinct for quite a while now. Hubba Bubba was very popular gum in my circle a couple of years back. How many remember it?

Peek Inside My Bag

What’s in your bag? I’d also love to know if you’re a small or big bag kind of girl. Let me know in the comments.

(Pictures taken using Infinix Hot 3)