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You probably know how passionate I am about natural skin care by now and how excited I get when I find new kitchen products to include in my skin regimen. This time turns out an unlikely ingredient has a ton of beauty benefits. We call it oats, better known as oatmeal.

I didn’t know this until recently- oatmeal can be used topically for glowing, problem free skin. It can heal acne, reduce blackheads and whiteheads, exfoliate, unclog excess oils and more. The best thing about oats (yes, there’s more) is that it is good for all skin types and especially gentle on sensitive skin.

When combined with egg white and olive oil, you can expect to restore dull, lifeless skin and tighten your pores. You will need the following;

-1 tbsp. oats

-1 egg white

-1 tsp. extra virgin olive oil


Start by separating your egg white and yolk. Take your egg white and beat it until it becomes frothy. Add the other ingredients and mix thoroughly.

Oatmeal Skin Tightening Facemask

Steam your face using warm water to open your pores. This also ensures your skin can absorb the nutrients better. Use clean fingers to apply the mixture onto your face. Leave the face mask on for 15 minutes. Rinse off using warm water then use cold water to close your pores. Pat dry with a towel and then moisturize.

My Experience

After washing off this oatmeal skin tightening facemask, I noticed that my face was glowing and that it looked younger. It was almost as if I’d just had a facelift. The change was highly visible. My Pietro Coricelli extra virgin olive oil completely neutralized the egg smell. It didn’t have that usual intense and stinky smell that’s expected of egg facemasks. Instead it smelt like olive oil, which is a sweet pleasing smell. If this smell could speak, it would probably sound like the three little birds Bob Marley sang so passionately about.

I started feeling the tightness after 10 minutes. This face mask is extremely messy. It will drip with no care onto your floor and t-shirt, but once you cross the 5th minute mark the mask starts to stick. It’s best for use before showering.  I didn’t feel a need to moisturize after using this facemask, but I still did. I used olive oil.

I was extremely happy with this skin tightening mask. I used Morning Harvest oats which retail at around 140/-. They make for a healthy and delicious breakfast and now double as a beauty product!

Beauty Benefits Of Ingredients Used

Egg white is rich in vitamins and proteins which tighten large pores and give your face a lift. Egg whites remove excess sebum making it a good ingredient for oily skin. Egg white can nourish your skin without making it look greasy.

Olive oil is a natural moisturizer filled with antioxidants that fight free radicals. Free radicals usually cause rapid aging along with other skin issues. Olive oil contains healthy fats that nourish, moisturize and hydrate skin.

Oatmeal Skin Tightening Facemask

Oats contains powerful antioxidants which fight free radicals, protect skin against damage, helps maintain skin elasticity, etc. Its zinc content helps oatmeal have acne control power.

Oats contain a huge portion of B Vitamins which are necessary for skin regeneration. With the heavy quantity of B Vitamins in oats, you get to fight premature aging and skin damage, all with one punch.

Oatmeal Skin Tightening Facemask Tips

-This face mask is best applied before showering

-Find a nice spot and tilt your head backwards as you wait for the mask to dry. Skin tightening facemasks can pull your skin downwards due to gravity. Lie down to avoid this

-Don’t laugh or talk while you’re waiting for your mask to dry. Try and minimize any facial movements

-Use extra virgin olive oil. It’s the only guarantee that you’re using olive oil in its best form. I use Pietro Coricelli which retails at 440/-.

-Wear an old t-shirt because of the messy egg white

How great is it to have a beauty product that doubles as food? I’m really excited about all the delicious oatmeal facemasks that I’ll get to try out on my skin. This just might be one of my favourite discoveries of 2016. Will you be using this oatmeal skin tightening mask any time soon? I’d love to hear your experience in the comments below!



(Photos taken using Infinix Hot 3- low light, HDR on)