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I’m struggling to find balance right now. May has been a long month as well as a short one. A short one because it’s not been as productive as I hoped it would be. Sometimes you start something with anticipation then hit an unforeseen slump in the middle. C’est la vie.

I’ve stocked up on said anticipation for this month and I’m honestly ready for what comes at me. Something feels different in the air of June and I am throwing myself into the current and hoping everything works out. I have a set of new habits to help along the way;

To-do lists

I am poor at following my to-do lists because I don’t have any. They are non-existent in my planning! I’m just one of those people who makes a mental list in their heads and then forgets they ever did that. This month, I intend to make daily to-do lists as I hear they have a way of making you more organized and less stressed. When you can confidently check off the things you’ve done throughout the day, I’m guessing you’ll also be able to enjoy a calm and relaxed night, visualizing what you need for the next day.

new month goals


Did someone say visualize? It’s not enough to write it down and then leave it in the middle of a page. I’m about to go full on Mary Jane and plaster my sticky notes on my wall so I can see my goals throughout the day as I work.

Waking Up Earlier

One time I watched a TED talk about a guy who wakes up at 4am every day. While I intend to wake up early, I don’t mean 4am early, but 30 minutes before. I figure if I can wake up 30 minutes earlier this whole month, then next month I could do an hour earlier and so on.


It’s a month of experimenting and I’m always looking to make new creations in the kitchen when I can. I have never tried baking before, but it’s always been something I’ve been interested in. This month I’ll try my hand in the oven and of course keep you posted along the way.

What are some of your goals or habit changes for the new month? How are you feeling about us being half into the year? Don’t be afraid to vent and let out all your frustrations in the comments. It’s a safe space.