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Now that my dreadlocks are at a reasonably good size, I find myself daydreaming about donning them with all kinds of accessories known to man. But I have exceptions. And standards. For one, I am looking for conversation starters. I want someone to see a beautiful piece of jewelry on my ancestral hair and ask to know that jewel’s story.

I only have a few things I ask of my accessories; affordability, beauty, practicality and style. I have come to learn that Ndutahs hair accessories are all these things and more.

Ndutahs Hair Accessories

How to wear them

I have 4 spiral rings fitted with charms at the end and 2 plain ones. I like the plain option because it means I can still rock something on my locks even when I’m not looking to add a little zest to my dreads.

Ndutahs Hair Accessories

To wear them you simply slip your lock or braid into the ring. You can also hook it onto a strand of your natural hair. You can put on as many of these Ndutahs gems on your hair as you like; but let’s be honest ladies, there’s a limit to everything.

The charms are classic and simple. Clients can choose from shell rings, smiley faces, hearts, anchors, wings, butterflies, etc. My spiral wing below looks like it’s too much, but on good days it has me feeling like Gerard Butler in Gods of Egypt.

Ndutahs Hair Accessories


Accessories by Ndutahs don’t stick in your hair. This means you don’t have to yank off a few hairs with your spiral rings every time you’re taking them off. These pieces also complement any outfit well, but I wouldn’t see myself pairing them with official wear. Would you?

For just 100/- (1 USD), you can get 3 hair accessories of your choice.

These hair accessories would make a great gift for anyone. You know what they say, handmade is more heartfelt. Who wouldn’t want a dose of fabulousness at such a low cost?

Ndutahs is giving all my readers the gift of glam this September. Shop hair accessories and more from Ndutahs online shop and use the code: kishdiscount16 for a 30% cart discount on hair accessories & more unique items in stock!


(Photos taken using LG Nexus 5)