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Navana is the latest Kenyan game I’ve discovered and it’s brought to you by Mashariki Mobility. It’s great seeing more and more developers coming up. As soon as I found out about this game, I downloaded it in a fit of excitement. It’s my favorite discovery lately and I’ll show you why below.

Navana Game Review


The annual cultural festival of Navana is underway, but a few key items for the celebrations are missing. Amani has been appointed by her tribesmen to collect these items. Everyone in the village is counting on her and you can feel the pressure every time you play.

It’s up to you to help Amani cross 11 levels which all have different challenges. You have 3 lives in each turn you play.

The game is fun and challenging. It’s easy to get obsessed with helping Amani cross the blocks and get to the finish line. This game will engage your concentration as well as accuracy.

Game Hacks

>There’s a clue at the start of each level and only keen observers will manage to spot it. You’ll need to make out the words that the hearts or shells create. Remember this part because it’s going to be important later.

>Collect the key in every level, you will need it at the end and it’s also a requirement for the level’s successful completion.

>There’s a chest at the end of every level. You’ll need to choose an item that best fits the clue you were given at the beginning of the game. It’s only by unlocking the chest that you’ll be through to the next level.

Navana Game Review

What To Like About Navana

-There are 11 levels, meaning players have something new and more challenging to anticipate.

-The controls are easy to understand

-It’s easy to get addicted to this game because it’s creative as well as fun.

-It’s suitable for kids as well as adults.

-Every time Amani loses, her tribesmen express their disappointment with a low groan. I think it’s a pretty cool idea.

-It’s free to download on all Android devices here.

What Not To Like About Navana

-You can’t pause the game

-You’re given 3 lives during the game, but if you miss a jump the game starts again and you lose all progress in the level. This makes the concept of 3 lives redundant.

-Sometimes game controls don’t respond. The game also hangs or abruptly closes (not sure if this bothers all users).

-Navana has no in-built game guide. You’ll have to read the background story of the game in the description box in the play store. If you’re the kind of person who has the tendency to eat before washing your hands, then you’re likely to download this game without reading the description box. I did this and found myself wondering what the point of the game was.

-I feel like the game title should have had more to it. What does Navana even mean? It would have been easy for me to ignore this game if I didn’t already know it was Kenyan. Something like ‘Adventures of Amani’ would have been more appropriate.

Amani from Navana has a difficult task ahead of her. Without her, the biggest party of the year is not going to be a success. Heck, it might not even happen. Everyone is looking up to her. Help her complete her quest in Navana and ensure she doesn’t let her people down. I should warn you, you’re going to find it difficult to put your phone down after downloading this game.

Navana game rating- 7/10

UPDATE: I have managed to play some of the levels, but only after hours and hours of trying, failing and cursing. This game is highly difficult. It will get you wondering what the developer had in mind or how they expected you to win at these levels in the first place.

Also, what’s the point of collecting the hearts and shells if they don’t give me any perks such as extra lives, skipping levels, added bonus key time et al?

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