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Mzito is a 2D adventure mobile game that is suitable for both adults and kids. Its story is set in Africa where the player is tasked with awakening the sleeping lions. A wave of corruption has hit the land and it is up to the Mzitos to wipe it out. Are you ready to awaken the lions?

Mzito: Explore, Experience, Awaken Africa

The Mzito Story

The Mzito universe is comprised of cultural and semi fictional characters that utilize African spirits. African Spirits symbolize the pillars of African culture. In some cultures, the spirits are revered and even offered gifts so that they may in return bless the land and its people. This is unlike any game I’ve ever seen and the thing I love about it is that it’s more of an educational experience than just fun and play.

Mzito: Explore, Experience, Awaken Africa

In this game, the spirits have found a way to end the corruption in the land. They have split a piece from themselves and created an Adam and Eve- the first two Mzitos. These are the characters a player will choose between in the first level of the game.


The game starts off with some training that comes with a very detailed set of instructions. A player ends up feeling sufficiently confident after this stage and can proceed to the other levels. Each level is based on a real location in Africa. The locations are spread all over Africa including areas like Egypt, Kenya, Angola, Mali, etc. It’s a journey of discovery- I ended up feeling like an adventurer ending up in locations that were never in my curriculum.

Mzito: Explore, Experience, Awaken Africa

For example, did you know about the Bandiagara escarpment in Mali? It runs for close to 150 kilometres and is home to the Dogon, who are said to have had contact with extra-terrestrial species aka aliens.

The Congo Rainforest is also one of the locations in this game. Did you know it is referred to as the world’s second lung because it absorbs the second highest amount of carbon dioxide?

Mzito: Explore, Experience, Awaken Africa

This game has me listing down these locations and bookmarking documentaries about them on YouTube. I’m so intrigued about what Africa has to offer and it’s all thanks to this game called Mzito.

Level Difficulty

As you progress in the game, the levels start having more obstacles and challenges. However, none are too difficult.

Mzito: Explore, Experience, Awaken Africa

Kish Tips & Mzito Hacks

-At first, it may be difficult to catch the next pillar in time or some pillars may seem to dangerous to land on. Use your teleporting power and tap higher to keep landing upwards as you wait for a safe emerging pillar. Works every time.

-Don’t take too long to calculate your next move on the disappearing pillars! Always consider them a ‘touch and go’.

Mzito: Explore, Experience, Awaken Africa

This game completely blew me away the first time I played it. The graphics are well done and I also liked the music- a touch of drums and chants which is something most Africans can identify with.

I also like the costumes the Mzitos have- tribal markings on their bodies indicate that they are warriors. If you want different costumes for them, you can purchase those in the in-built store.

Mzito: Explore, Experience, Awaken Africa

The levels also have something new as you progress so the game keeps you intrigued and also eager to discover the next location.

You can play this game with your child or with your friends in turns. You can even make bets to see who finishes a certain level faster. It’s also a good game to keep you busy while you wait for someone or just want to pass time.

So, what inspired the creation of Mzito?

The creators behind this game want you to know that there lies a version of Mzito inside you. You have the potential to awaken Africa with your talents, skills and ideas. It all starts with your voice- use it to conquer the ills in your society, and the rest will follow.

Mzito is available on Android, so download it HERE. Make sure you leave the Mzito crew a shout on all their social media channels;

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