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Lately the weather my side of town has made me understand Katy Perry’s dilemma in Hot n Cold. One minute it’s raining and you think the onset of the cold season is beginning, next the sun is roasting you with all its glory. It’s not a healthy relationship at all. You have to make some skin adjustments when it comes to the weather. When it’s hot, you need to make sure your skin is properly hydrated and also protect it from skin tan.

I have a few DIY skin solutions that are perfect for your beauty regimen this season. The best part is that they are all natural and easy to prepare. Just how a good DIY facemask should be.

1.Cucumber Scrub

Some nights I lie in bed thinking of this homemade cucumber scrub. This scrub felt incredibly hydrating thanks to cucumber’s high water content. It’s great for replacing lost moisture.

My Top Facemask Picks For Hot Weather

2.Avocado Facemask

Avocados are great for moisturizing skin. They are also rich in Vitamin C which is great at brightening skin. Healthy looking skin is always well moisturized.

My Top Facemask Picks For Hot Weather

3.Oatmeal Scrub

Oats are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. They can soothe skin properties including adding moisture to dry skin, providing relief from itching, rashes and other skin conditions.

My Top Facemask Picks For Hot Weather

4.Turmeric Coconut Water Facemask

This turmeric coconut water facemask has done wonders for my skin in the past. I used it to treat skin tan and it did the job in just four weeks.

My Top Facemask Picks For Hot Weather

5.Turmeric, Yoghurt & Honey Facemask

Yoghurt and Honey are two ingredients that will infuse moisture into your skin and leave it looking fresh and vibrant. This facemask will help you replace lost moisture as well as brighten your skin.

My Top Facemask Picks For Hot Weather

What is your go-to treatment for skin tan and the adverse effects of the sun? I’d love to hear your tips in the comments 🙂