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Mum says she wishes I was as thorough with housework as I am with my skin. She cannot stand my vanity, to a point where she won’t buy certain veggies because she knows Kish will use it for her beauty rituals. I’m seriously in love with my skin and all of its flaws. I love to take care of it and show it affection. Showing your skin affection means combining a series of positive practices which I consider key to enjoying beautiful skin. Mine include;

-Weekly facemask

I try to use the same facemask at least once a week for a month before switching to another one. I think facemasks are important because they renew your skin after a week of exposure to the sun, dust, dirt and other harsh conditions. Facemasks keep your skin healthy, moisturized and shiny. They provide results instantly that are mostly temporary, but can be permanent if you use a particular mask consistently for a few weeks.

My Skin Regimen

-Weekly body scrub

A weekly body scrub is my time to show my body all the love and care she deserves. I try and exfoliate every week, but sometimes manage to do it only once in a fortnight. A body scrub helps get rid of dead skin cells revealing fresher, younger looking skin. Skin that is exfoliated regularly is healthier in appearance and function. When you exfoliate, you are helping the largest organ in your body function easier.

GInger Body Scrub


I try as much as possible to eat more fruits because most fruits have nutrients that are key building blocks for skin. For example, any fruit ending in ‘berries’ is said to be packed with Vitamins and antioxidants that fight aging.

How to cut watermelon


I try and drink at least 2L of water every day and on the days I fail to hit my mark, I can compensate this with eating fruits.

-Face massage

It’s important to massage your face so as to promote blood circulation in the area. Proper blood circulation means increased collagen production (nutrient that keeps your skin firm) which gives your skin a healthy and natural look. It’s a natural anti-aging technique. This practice can be done every day.


In order to look good on the outside, you must start by looking good on the inside. Are your thoughts positive and healthy? There’s no way you can expect your skin to look good if you don’t already love it. Spend a few minutes at a mirror everyday and just tell yourself how much you love your skin. Appreciate it and tell it you love it, as cheesy as that may sound. This is actually a great technique- it’s like choosing to fall in love with yourself anew every day.

What your skin regimen like? What are those few practices you put in place everyday or every week? I hope you don’t mind sharing in the comments below.

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