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Kish is off to a healthy start this month with a goal to prioritize self-care of the mind. I’m through with having negative conversations in my head between Kish and Kish 2.0. The latter being this crazy version of myself I imagine I should be instead of embracing the Kish that’s me.

So September is all about self-care of the mind ladies and gents and I have a few practices I want to make my daily and monthly habits.

What are you prioritizing this month?


There was a time in my life when I thought ‘The Secret’ was the dumbest documentary ever made. I look back at that Kish and feel sorry for her. If she only knew how much power a gratitude attitude holds, I’d probably be much more ahead in life than I am right now…or not.

Gratitude helps me dwell in today. I’m not where I thought I’d be, where others think I ought to be, but I’m here anyway that’s all that counts.

Starting A Gratitude Jar, Taking care of your mental health

So far gratitude is having a profound effect on my life. Every time I write down something and throw it into my gratitude jar I feel sooo freaking good about myself, the day and life in general. It has a way of improving my mood instantly. My mind becomes sparked regardless of how stressed/tired I was feeling.


What is mindfulness you ask? It’s the practice of being fully present; emptying your mind of all the madness in a hectic day and relishing the moment.

Mindfulness, My New Month Wellness Routine, Wellness Routine

I am practicing mindful awareness. It’s time to check in with myself- ask myself what is going within me so I can create a reality I want and even appreciate. It’s something I’m planning on doing every day for the rest of this month.


No more couch potato-ness for Kish. A 1st of the month always feels like a great time to start things and I want to get back on that exercise mode so bad. This is after 2 months of no exercise…yikes!

A lot of people take exercise for granted without realizing the impact 20 minutes of cardio can have on the brain. Exercise increases your heart rate which in turn pumps more blood to the brain. It increases production of serotonin, which promotes healthy brain function- this puts you at a lower risk of several diseases and also boosts your mood.

Imagine what can happen to your brain in just 30 days of exercise.

4.Lemon Water

Our brains are mostly made up of water therefore hydration is crucial for brain health. Lemons contain potassium which helps the brain process things faster, improves memory, keeps you alert, calms your mind, etc. I like the taste of lemon water and I am planning to make every day a lemon water day for myself and my brain.

Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water, How To Maintain Wellness

5.Positive Vibes

Not every day is a positive vibes day. However, even on a bad day, you can always make a turn around by focusing on the positive. Gratitude is one way to achieve this. Another way would be to write down your dreams every day. This is a great way to help you focus on the end game- the future you are working so hard to achieve.

I like to write dreams down every day because it makes me feel good- like all the hardships happening now are small in regards to the mountain I am building. It will work out in the end. Believe it and see it be.

What are some of the things you are working on this new month? I’d love to hear your resolutions and also keep each other in check. Thanks for reading and see you on here soon!

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