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I feel lady red beckoning and I never want her to catch me off-guard. I have a list of items I always have nearby to help me get through my menstrual cycle. This menstrual survival kit could work for anyone- it definitely eases the pain and discomfort for me.

1. A hot water bottle

Hot water bottles have been helping in relieving menstrual cramps and other muscle pain for years now. I didn’t start reaping the pain relief benefits of a hot water bottle until very recently. I got mine at Tuskys for 310/-.

My Menstrual Survival Kit

2. A good series

A comedy always does it for me because now more than ever, I need a serious good laugh. I have a few handy and they include New Girl, How I Met Your Mother, Rick & Morty, Archer and Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

3. A period playlist

I need to feel great when my cycle is at its peak so no mellow music at this time. You’ll find me watching Beyoncé videos. It helps that they’re so many so a Beyoncé playlist on YouTube is a serious menstrual pain remedy for me.


and not forgeting…


4. A great period app

Keeping track of pain symptoms helps you know what to expect when it comes to your cycle. The My Calendar app notifies you when your next period is coming and also when you’ll be fertile next. It helps you view your cycle history all in one place.

My Menstrual Survival Kit

5. A hot tea

Ginger tea is known for being a great concoction for muscle pain. I take several cups of ginger tea to soothe menstrual cramps. Sometimes it’s the only liquid I drink while in pain. To brew your own cup of ginger tea, follow the recipe here.

6. Loads of junk food

I don’t have an appetite to eat anything else other than something not good for me. So I’ll have snacks handy and fries are also always a plan. There’s nothing happier than a good book in hand and a stream of sweet stuff.

7. Rest

This is the only time you get to sleep guiltless. I always make sure I have plenty of rest when it’s that time of the month. Placing a pillow under your stomach eases pain and also puts your stomach in a resting position. I use my yellow doll for that.

My Menstrual Survival Kit

What makes up your menstrual survival kit? Every girl needs one. It’s a battle my friend, and girls are probably the strongest fighters I’ve ever seen. Props to all the girls out there! Let me know some of the items that are a must in your menstrual survival kit in the comments below!