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There’s a phenomenon happening. Every day when it strikes 6:45pm, a sudden wave of cold creeps up in my room and that’s the time I reach for the heavy attilery. I am not sure if this is something that is happening to anyone else so I thought I’d write about it & have you call me out. Feel free to tell me how I’m an imaginary eskimo. When I said ‘heavy attilery’, I meant the following;

My Cold Weather Survival Kit

My hot water bottle is a life saver. This is one of the best inventions ever made.  I could buy a pillow sized hot water bottle if they were available. It will ease menstrual cramps, it will warm your bed, it will ease back pains, it will pay your taxes & even cuddle you at night. My goodness! I’m so hooked, I could even buy my friends this device as a gift.

My Cold Weather Survival Kit

Of course you know your girl is hooked to natural tea so a mug with steaming hot green tea is a must! I’m using Winnie’s Nettle Tea for the time being before I buy a fresh batch of green tea.

My home marvin with a massive hole in the middle is a must. My head is literally full of hair but my head always freezes the most. Can anyone explain this to me?

My Cold Weather Survival Kit

Who needs bae when you have a heavy woolen sweater that can keep you warm at night & listens but doesn’t talk? Kidding. 😀 But as you can probably tell by now, when I’m cold I either go full hobo or nothing at all.

What does your cold weather survival kit look like? I’d love it if I could discover warmer items to add on this list. Let’s exchange tips in the comments 🙂