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Green tea is a health drink native to Asia whose purpose is as beneficial as it is highly contradictory. Contradictory in the sense that numerous tests have been conducted on the purported health benefits of green tea, (which includes protection from cancer, arthritis, lower BP, weight loss, etc.), but no concrete evidence has ben found.

In fact, medical practitioners are still unclear if green tea works or if the placebo effect is strong with this one. In the course of my research I have found out that green tea in its purest form can have amazing effects on your health. All the processed versions of green tea have led to more confusion and doubt on the true uses of green tea thus giving it a bad rep.

Kericho Gold Green Tea Review

I’ve been drinking Kericho Gold Green Tea lately and I thought I’d share with you my experience. I am not sure of the purity of the green tea, but I like what I’m using for now and would love any recommendations of brands you think are better.

Kericho Gold Green Tea Review

One thing I love about Kericho Gold is their packaging. It is very neatly done and the box screams “take me” even while it’s sitting on the supermarket shelf.

Kericho Gold Green Tea Review

The sachets are tightly sealed ensuring freshness for longer. This is something I complained about in Winnie’s Pure Health Nettle Tea Review.

Kericho Gold Green Tea Review

Thumbs up for the packaging and visual appeal of the product. It retails at 350/-.

Why Green Tea?

I drink green tea because it makes me feel good. It doesn’t taste good, it’s more about the high of giving your body an extra boost of wellness for me. I’ve noticed that I’m in a better mood when I consume it- more relaxed and energized.

Kericho Gold Green Tea Review

I think it also has an effect on my skin because it has been looking really good lately. (Green tea is packed with antioxidants!)

One would need to take several cups during the day to see the true benefits of green tea (3 times max). I take a cup every night before bed. The tea bags can be recycled in between cups, store them in the refrigerator then dispose after 2 uses.

What green tea brand is your favorite? I’d like to know in the comments below. If you have any creative ways of sweetening your green tea, please also let me know!

(Photos taken using LG Nexus 5)