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I’m an avid YouTube fan and I love discovering new channels. I’m also a self-titled YouTube expert on channels i.e. if you’re looking for new channel recommendations, I’m your girl. I am always on the lookout for fun and relatable content on YouTube. I hope this list helps you find new fun channels to watch as these are some of my regulars;

1.The Green Calabash

Shiko Nguru is unfiltered when it comes to all things motherhood and life in general. I love her voice and I know it’s hard, but she makes motherhood look easy. I discovered her blog 2 years ago I think and when she started her YouTube channel, I was excited to get an extra dose of her awesome.

She gave it a twist by including her family on her channel and this just gives us extra entertainment- they share adventures, date night shenanigans and just everything else in between.

My best pick from the Green Calabash channel:

2.Farhana Oberson

Farhana’s channel is all about travel. She does a good job of showing us her adventures in Kenya and the world. Her videos are very well done- she has this ability to take you along every one of her journeys.

If you aren’t already part of her Rafiki Squad, then you’re missing out big time. You’ll know what’s that about once you watch her videos. 🙂

My best pick from Farhana’s channel:

3.Lydia Dinga

Lydia is a Kenyan based in the UK who makes vlogs about her daily life sometimes, workout videos, her fun travel escapades, etc. I love Lydia’s vlogs because there’s always something to laugh about.

My best pick from Lydia’s channel:


This is not the first time I’m featuring Our2Cents on my blog (did you know?) what’s not to love about Susan Lucky Wong and Sharon Mundia? They are my favorite twosome because they just match so well and are so much fun to watch. They cover a wide range of topics from finances, relationships, career advice, motherhood tips and so much more. It’s a mix of everything!

My best pick from the Our2Cents channel:

5.Over Twenty Five

Over Twenty Five is an absolute laughter fest because these ladies always have the most fun yet insightful topics. They talk about sex and other topics that are relatable to both women and men while spilling chunks of wisdom along the way. Shikie, Ivy, Lorna and Jules provide uncensored advice on things most people won’t talk about out loud. I love their friendship, their bubbliness, but most of all their rawness.

My best pick from the Over Twenty Five channel:

Who are some of your favourite Kenyan YouTubers? I’m always looking for new channels to discover and if you need to know who’s making great hair videos, makeup videos, food, etc., let me know in the comments and I’ll give you more tips.



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