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I’ve been seeing so much hype about Kentaste Coconut Oil for eons now, but have never gotten round to trying it. And so I did. When it comes to coconut oil, always make sure you’re using 100% virgin oil. This means that the product is in its purest state.

Coconut oil has many benefits for your skin, hair and body. A jar of 400ml of Kentatse Coconut Oil retails at Ksh 390*. I always have coconut oil on my dresser because I use it every day. Let me show you why I am all things Kentaste after sampling their coconut oil.


Kentaste really came through with their packaging. I love that they use glass jars and metal lids. Glass and metal are easy to recycle making this a friendly product to the environment. The attractive packaging also draws your attention to the product. It’s just something you enjoy seeing on your cooking shelf or dresser. This product is available in 250ML, 400ML and 700ML jars.

Kentaste Coconut Oil Review

The labelling also looks attractive. The coconuts drawn on the label kind of look like onions but that’s okay. We can clearly see the ‘100% Virgin Coconut Oil’ tag along with the other Cholesterol Free, No Trans Fats, No Flavoring and No Coloring tags. They’ve also added a protective seal to the cap which ensures the product remains fresher for longer.

Kentaste Coconut Oil Review


Oh wow. This coconut oil smells so so good. It smells like something freshly baked. It has this toasty aroma which may indicate that heat was used at some point in the production process.

I usually find myself randomly opening this jar just to get a whiff of this sweet smelling liquid.

Feels Good On Skin

This oil feels so light on my skin. I am always looking forward to bath time because it means I get to slather myself with Kentaste Coconut Oil afterwards. It feels so good massaging it into my skin. The fact that it smells good also has a way of always boosting my mood. There’s a scientific explanation behind that- our moods can actually be triggered by smells. When we smell something sweet, our bodies releases endorphins which are also known as ‘the feel-good hormone’.

Kentaste Coconut Oil Review

Makes Food Sweeter

Because I loved the oil’s smell, I also loved the taste of food cooked in this coconut oil. It was a little too intense, but something I didn’t mind having in my belly. On one occasion, while the coconut oil was boiling noisily in a pan, the entire house filled with a beautiful aroma.

Free Mason Jar

This is a big score for me since I love storing water, juice and my homemade facemasks in glass jars.

Buy Kenyan

It feels so good to buy Kenyan and support local. With foreign brands, you’re never sure of the quality of the coconut oil. You don’t know the conditions the product is manufactured under or sourced. It’s also difficult to contact the manufacturer especially for face to face communication.

Kentaste Coconut Oil Review

Coconut oil is one of those things you just have to have around in your home. This is because it has so many uses, more than you’d imagine! I love how Kentaste Coconut Oil has been working for me lately and I don’t think I’m ever looking back.

*Prices may differ among different retailers

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