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Do you know any local game developers? None?

I don’t know about you, but I feel like there isn’t enough local talent on Google Play. I was so excited when I discovered Kade Ule Mtoi Mrui. It’s a game developed by Urban Design Kings, a Nairobi based game franchise.

Kade Ule Mtoi Mrui is Swahili for ‘Kade, the naughty child’. It’s a game about a young boy living in the village. Kade will get you reminiscing about your childhood days. It is suitable for kids as well as adults.

Kade Ule Mtoi Mrui App Review


You’ll start off with a pretty simple tutorial intended to show you the basic controls so that you can get started with the game (so helpful of Urban Design Kings).

Kade wants a new bike and he’s determined to get it. We’re here to help him live to ride another day. The objective of the game is to collect as many eggs as possible while evading the crazy cock, the farmer and Mbwa Kali (deadly dog).

Kade Ule Mtoi Mrui App

Kade Ule Mtoi Mrui App Review

What to love about Kade Ule Mtoi Mrui

-The game has good graphics. There are beautiful green plantations in the background that present that true Ushago (rural) feeling.

-The music is a combination of some Kapuka drum and bass (& I think I heard piano too). It gets you bobbing your head while playing. I like how this gives the game a local feel. You’ll like how the chickens cluck too.

-Game controls are easy to understand

-It’s free!! You can download Kade Ule Mtoi Mrui on any Android device here.

What I didn’t like about Kade

Urban Design Kings should have made more levels. As it stands Kade has two levels. The second one of which I didn’t find that exciting.

Kade Ule Mtoi Mrui App Review

Kade Ule Mtoi Mrui App Review

Kade Ule Mtoi Mrui will make you remember the mischief, stealing and other shenanigans that played out when you were a kid. The game is quite challenging, it took me a few plays just to hack it! I’d give Kade a 6/10. What about you?



(Featured image courtesy of UDK, All screenshots belong to Kish)

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