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I don’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but when I do, hot damn. I get such an incredible high from creating a tasty meal and this doesn’t happen as often as I would want it to. It could be anything from a sandwich to a full meal and although it isn’t the best standard, it’s something I think would make kitchen goddesses Kaluhi & Miss Mandi proud of me.

diy salad recipe

I made the perfect salad recently and I felt so good after, I thought I’d share. Have you been struggling to make a delicious but simple salad? Read on.


2 large leaves of lettuce

One half red bell pepper

One half green bell pepper

1 whole cucumber

1 red onion



3 tbsp. vinegar (I went a little crazy)


1 tsp. Tropical Heat rosemary leaves

1 tsp. Tropical Heat mixed herbs


Half of an avocado

2 tsp. Naturalli chia seeds

1 tsp. Homemade Mango Pilipili

Salt to taste

I Made The Perfect Salad, DIY salad


Time: 30 minutes

Cut your bell peppers into very thin slices. Do the same for your ham, cheese, cucumber, avocado and anything else that requires cutting.

diy perfect salad salad recipe

Your lettuce needs to be thoroughly washed then picked using your fingers. Mix all ingredients in a bowl and add vinegar, herbs, salt, mustard, mango pilipili and peanuts.

diy salad recipe, best salad ingredients

Toss all ingredients together again. Leave in the refrigerator to sit for 30 minutes and then serve.

My Experience

I blew myself away with this one. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this recipe sooner. I love how the delicious flavors combine in my mouth. It feels so refreshing on my tongue and I love how simple it was to make this. 30 minutes tops! I would make this salad and gift it to a friend, have it with my pilau or as a packed lunch. It is simple to make and is a healthy snack.

diy salad recipe

Adding my own creation, this homemade mango pilipili, was a great idea as it gave the salad some extra element of surprise. I would have added more, but I was eating this with people who didn’t prefer pilipili. This tiny bowl served 3 people.

My Regrets

I didn’t have any lemons sitting around the house when I made this. They would have added such a delicious flavor- a lemony zest that completes a salad. I would also have skipped the red onions because they left a bit of an aftertaste.

Creating a salad is all about creativity. Find things you consider tasty and just make some magic with them. What are your go-to salad ingredients? I’m on a salad high now, I think I’ll keep experimenting and see what delicious combos I can make right at home.

(Photos taken on LG Nexus 5 phone- HDR on)