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Gone are the days when mothers would dress their kids like they’re shipping them to Alaska. It was like an epidemic- 100 degrees outside and you’ve got your baby donning a rainbow boshori, 4 different articles inside, 2 jackets and that soft, heavy baby blanket all mums have.

The new millennium slowly ushered in a new generation of mums and dads who ache to dress their kids fashionably without hurting their pockets. If you’ve been wondering how to dress your toddler on a budget, seek no more. Let baby Ivana show you how it’s done.

1)Early Morning Daycare Date
How To Dress A Toddler On A Budget

Marvin- 50/-

Leopard Print Jacket- 300/-

Stockings- 100/-

Rubber Shoes- 400/-

2)Chilling At Home

How To Dress A Toddler On A Budget

Top- 150/-

Hello Kitty Jacket- 150/-

Stockings- 100

Slipper Boots- 250/-

3)Casual Baby

How To Dress A Toddler On A Budget

Fur Jacket- 150/-

Top- 150/-

Jeans- 250/-*

4)Baby Gat Boot

How To Dress A Toddler On A Budget

Pullneck- 150/-

Dress- 150/-

Stockings- 100/-

Boots- 300/-

Which of Ivana’s looks does it for you?

Ivana has been styled by Enkishia 0723277406

(Photos taken using LG Nexus 5)