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This post is dedicated to everyone working hard, you have a busy lifestyle that sometimes you can’t keep up with. This probably takes a toll on you and you don’t always have time to sit and de-stress. Maybe you also work on weekends and just don’t have much time to relax or even have a moment for yourself. The following tactics can help you find the time to create self-care in your busy life.

Traffic Hack

Morning and evening traffic can take 2 to 3 hours out of your day depending on where you live. It’s estimated that a Nairobian wastes 30 years of their life in traffic. I might have exaggerated the number in that statistic, but it is true that you can waste years with an ‘s’ in traffic.

You can make so much use of this time.

If you can, listen to an interesting podcast of your choice on SoundCloud or iTunes. Sometimes I listen to The Spread by Kaz & Nini.


This one is a bit tricky because whenever someone says the word ‘meditation’ most people picture you seated, feet crossed and that kind of thing, but meditation can happen anywhere and anytime guys. It doesn’t have to be in that position 🙂

So say you’re in a quiet mat, you can try a little deep breathing and visualize your goals, dreams and positivity. That’s already meditation taking place.

If you want to take it a notch higher, you can have mediation audio ready in your phone, plug in your earphones and follow the directions.

YouTube Videos

Think of that interesting topic you’ve always wanted to learn about, or a thing you’ve always wanted to do, a place you’ve always wanted to go, etc. If you have traveling listed on your bucket list, you can watch travel videos on your way home. This will relax you because it will get you excited about the prospect of traveling. Make use of the save offline feature and explore the world of YouTube- anything you have ever thought of, it’s probably already there.

Work Break

While at work, sneak some time off during lunch break and look for somewhere quiet and open e.g., an outside garden. The idea is to get some fresh air and expose yourself to nature. Nature has a very calming effect on an individual. If this isn’t possible, go to the loo every now and then and do some mindful breathing. Opting to take in positivity, joy and good vibes with every inhalation and saying goodbye to negativity, stress, with every exhalation.


A gratitude attitude will help you be more productive at work and also enjoy your tasks. Try and replace the word ‘have’ with ‘get’ e.g. instead of ‘I have to go to work’ say ‘I get to go to work’. Do this every day and multiple times throughout the day and watch how you feel.

How to make time for a self-care routine, why is selfcare important

Spa Night

Assuming you won’t be working on the weekends, you can use Saturday or Sunday night for a pampering session where you opt for a spa night, massage, mani pedi and any other thing that will make you feel good. Spoiling yourself is never a bad thing.

how to make time for selfcare, how to develop a self care routine

How do you make time for self-care in a busy lifestyle? I’d love to hear some of the techniques you use. Make sure to leave a comment below.