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I’ve come to realize just how refreshing watermelon can be as a DIY facemask ingredient. It’s got over 90% water content, so I know I can never go wrong when I combine watermelon with dry skin. It’s filled with a ton of natural sugars and antioxidants which are not only good for your health, but your skin as well. I’m always taking a bite of watermelon when I’m using it for face care.

In this homemade watermelon hydrating facemask, I wanted to cleanse my skin and hydrate it. My two facemask ingredients didn’t let me down.

For this face mask you will need the following;

-A small slice of watermelon

-1 tbsp. of natural honey

Homemade Watermelon Hydrating Facemask


Mash your watermelon in a bowl to extract 1 tbsp. of watermelon juice. Pour your tablespoon of honey into the bowl and combine the mixture. Mix this well. Steam your face with hot water and apply the mask on your face and neck. Leave the mask on for 10 to 20 minutes and wash off with warm water, then cold water to lock your pores.

My Experience

While mixing the facemask, you will notice that it is really watery. Let this not worry you too much like it did me. I used a pinch of cotton wool to apply the mask on my face. After I did, I chose a nice spot and tilted my head backwards to prevent the mask from sinking downwards.

Homemade Watermelon Hydrating Facemask

The mask smells really good. It was dry within twenty minutes. Once it dries it’s going to get really sticky, so be sure to tie your hair in a bun before starting the application process. After washing my face, my skin looked cleaner and younger. I had this pimple above my left brow that now looked milder, almost as if it had faded. My skin definitely looked more alive, like it was breathing better now.

I used Kitui Natural Honey. It had crystallized and it tasted like sukari nguru. I absolutely didn’t like the consistency this honey had. In my mixing bowl, I could see tiny little particles that looked like sugar. Had I bought a natural honey with sugar in it? I don’t know. I definitely won’t be reaching for this honey type on the shelf ever again.

Homemade Watermelon Hydrating Facemask

Beauty Benefits Of Ingredients Used

Honey helps nourish your skin by penetrating into the deepest layers of your skin. It’s also a natural humectant meaning that it locks in moisture. It’ll lock in the moisture from the watermelon.

Watermelon is an amazing toner with oil control action and it also deep cleanses pores. It’s going to penetrate your dermis and cleanse the excess sebum, dirt and goo clogging your pores. Its biological water is loaded with vitamins and minerals that leave skin looking healthy and youthful. Watermelon will repair dull skin and leave it moisturized and hydrated.

This facemask is perfect for people with combination skin who usually have an extremely oily T-zone as well as extreme dryness on some other parts of the face. Some have acne with dry skin, while others have dry cheeks with an oily forehead. With this skin type, you must hydrate the dry areas and tone the oily areas. What’s your skin type?

Lately my skin has been looking really dry and that’s why I decided to give this homemade watermelon hydrating face mask a go. I wasn’t disappointed. I can’t help but gush at my new glow. This is definitely my go-to facemask when it comes to dryness now. If you’ve used this facemask before, let me know your experience in the comments below.


(Photos taken using LG Nexus 5)