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One of my favourite fruits is watermelon. It’s one of those fruits that always leaves me literally thirsty for more. It consists of more than 90% of water and is rich in Vitamin C. This super fruit not only keeps you functioning beautifully on the inside, but it can also work wonders on your outside. Aside from my undying love for eating watermelon, imagine my delight at finding out that watermelon is a great skin exfoliator as well as toner!

Homemade Watermelon Body Scrub

Watermelon can protect your skin from sun damage, ensuring you enjoy bright and radiant skin.

For your DIY watermelon sugar scrub, you will need the following;

-1 tbsp. of coconut oil

-1 cup of sugar

-1/4 slice of a large watermelon


Cut your watermelon into tiny slices and toss them into your blender. Include the rind (hard green part of watermelon). Add coconut oil to the mixture and blend. Pour the liquid into a large bowl and add sugar. Stir the mixture using a wooden spoon. Your mixture should look fine.

I used a pestle to mash my watermelon then added all the other ingredients. I find that a blender works best for this process.

Homemade Watermelon Body Scrub

Pour the scrub into a jar that can be sealed and store in the freezer until ready to use. Massage this scrub onto your skin gently. It makes for a refreshing wake up call for your skin as well as body. Leave it on for about 5 minutes while in the shower and then wash off. Use your favourite moisturizer after.

My Experience

I used this watermelon scrub after my shower. I didn’t dry my skin before use. I will try to explain what this magic scrub did to me. Firstly, it smells so good. It feels so good massaging it onto my skin. My skin felt silky smooth during and after applying this scrub. I also felt calmer; like my fingers were singing a gentle lullaby to my dermis.

After washing off the scrub, my skin felt and looked smooth to touch. I enjoyed using this scrub very much and it’s one that is definitely one of my favourites. I didn’t even feel the need to moisturize after!

Benefits Of A Homemade Watermelon Scrub

Watermelon is rich in Vitamin A which reduces pore size and minimizes production of excess sebum. This fruit hydrates skin and gives life to dull skin.

Homemade Watermelon Body Scrub

Watermelon is rich in antioxidants such as lycopene, Vitamin A and C which fight free radicals. Free radicals hasten the aging process. Watermelon cleanses skin, lightens it, is anti-aging and gets rid of skin tan.

Coconut oil keeps your skin moisturized, softens skin and protects skin from infections.

Sugar exfoliates dead skin cells revealing glowing and healthy looking skin.

DIY Watermelon Scrub Tips

-Use after your daily shower for a burst of freshness. Please note that essential oils like coconut oil can make surfaces slippery. BE CAREFUL.

-When picking a watermelon, look out for a pale yellow spot on the bottom. This indicates that the fruit is ripe.

-This is NOT an intense exfoliator. Intense exfoliators should never be used on a daily basis.

Are you having problems with dry, cracked skin? Watermelon is here to the rescue! Try this amazing hydrating scrub and comment below on your experience.