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Almost everyone out there has had a story to tell about their skin. There are those who could keep you up all night with acne stories, others will tell you about their regular pimple outbreaks and then there’s a minority group still trying to figure out their skin type. What’s your skin struggle?

It doesn’t matter what skin problem you have, but what you’re doing about it. Our skin tends to reflect what we eat, the makeup we wear, how often we drink water and the care we show it. All these things take a toll on our skin. One way to help renew your skin is through exfoliation.

Exfoliation is the shedding process of scrubbing off dead skin cells thus revealing fresher and more youthful skin. Too many dead cells can clog pores, cause acne, ingrown hairs and many other ugly outcomes. Exfoliation helps clear your skin and ensures a smoother shave for men. Gents, exfoliating before shaving helps reduce your ingrown hairs.

If you haven’t heard about the benefits of a homemade honey sugar scrub then I’m just about to give you one of the best gifts of 2016.

How To Make A Homemade Honey Sugar Scrub


2 tbsp. of Honey

1 tbsp. of Sugar

A tbsp. of freshly squeezed lemon juice

Honey Lemon Sugar Scrub


Mix your ingredients until they form a paste.

This sugar scrub is great for relaxing your pores, body and mind. Massage it on your skin gently using clockwise and anticlockwise movements respectively. Five movements for each are enough. This isn’t something you’ll do in a hurry so ensure that you set aside as much time as is possible.

Honey Sugar Lemon Scrub

Once you are through, allow yourself a few minutes to enjoy that tingling sensation then wash away the homemade scrub with warm water.

Benefits Of A Honey Sugar Face Scrub

Skin that is regularly exfoliated is healthier skin in both appearance and function. When you get rid of dead skin, you improve the largest organ’s circulation thus enabling it to breathe easier and expel toxins.

Sugar works well to cleanse completely. It’s full of glycolic acid which is crucial for maintaining healthy skin and is a sought after ingredient in many high priced products. Glycolic acid conditions and moisturizes skin and also protects it from toxins.

You need honey or an essential oil to form a paste. Honey has countless skin and health benefits, the most key being that it adds moisture.

Lemon juice is a natural whitening agent and also removes sun tan. You can check out more uses for lemons here

White sugar vs. Brown sugar?

Brown sugar is gentler which makes it more ideal for extremely sensitive skin. Brown sugar also smells great- a deep, rich smell that helps you relax.

When you use a honey-sugar scrub regularly you can expect the following consequences;

-A natural glow

-Soft skin

-Improved circulation which results in younger healthier-looking skin

-A killer dermis

Honey Sugar Lemon Scrub

You can use this scrub once or twice a week and no more. It’s also suitable for lip exfoliation. I love the honey and sugar scrub because it’s one of the cheapest exfoliation methods out there and it also helps that it always leaves my skin feeling as smooth as my 3 year old niece’s bum. If you have tried the Honey Sugar Face Scrub before, leave a comment below on your experience. Happy Scrubbing!