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You know how you meet someone new and then end up clicking instantly? Almost like you knew each other in another time? That’s how I felt the first time my skin met a homemade coffee body scrub. Sigh. I am smiling as I type at you because I am smitten by multiple thick, brown granules called coffee. I didn’t know this, but the antioxidants in coffee can really do a number on your skin. It’s been a while since a DIY body scrub has left me feeling this way and it might be a long time before another can take its place.

Homemade Coffee Body Scrub

For this homemade body scrub, you will need;

2tbsp ground coffee

1tbsp coconut oil


Your coconut oil is probably going to be solid so you’ll need to heat it so that it can melt. When it does, add your coffee and wait for it to soak up the coconut oil. This should take 2-3 minutes.

Wash your face using warm water to open your pores. Dry your face using a towel and then gently rub the scrub on your face and move on to your neck and so on. Wait ten minutes before washing it off and then moisturize.

Homemade Coffee Body Scrub

My experience

This is an intense exfoliant so you shouldn’t rub it too hard on your skin. With each gentle rub, you feel your skin getting cleaner. It’s an extremely enjoyable sensation. After washing off the scrub, my skin felt amazingly soft. As soft as a baby’s bum! I couldn’t believe the results- it looked silky smooth, moisturized, cleaner, rejuvenated, tighter, and felt lighter.

Beauty Benefits of Ingredients Used

Because coffee is rich in antioxidants, it’s a great anti-inflammatory ingredient. The caffeine content in coffee draws out excess moisture, which makes your skin look and feel smoother and firmer.

Homemade Coffee Body Scrub

Coconut oil moisturizes the skin and softens it. Your skin will soak up all that coconut goodness and present you with a clean, supple shine.

Homemade Coffee Body Scrub

-This scrub stains your nails

-Use this scrub before showering and in the bathroom because it is messy. You don’t want coffee granules all over your floor.

-Don’t forget to moisturize afterwards.

I am smitten by this coffee body scrub! I’ll be using this scrub once a week for the month just so I can tighten and tone my skin more. Have you ever tried a coffee body scrub before? Did you like the results? Comment below about your experience.


(Photos taken using LG Nexus 5- HDR on)