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New month new me. As annoying as I sound I like reinforcing that in my mind so I can ditch my old self and embrace new energies. This month I’m looking to get rid of old and unproductive habits…this time for good.

Some of the habits I’m ditching this month include;

1.Poor Lifestyle Choices

I’m through with stuffing myself with poor food choices. We’re going green here at Kish is Wakisha people and this body is going to thank me later. I discussed some of my new lifestyle choices on my YouTube channel (video below)


This month Kish is through with procrastinating guys. It’s about time I stopped normalizing this and took control of my life. I’m going to be using a few apps to help me achieve this goal. I learnt about them courtesy of The Dapper Brother who featured them in one of his YouTube videos


This one helps you in planning and scheduling tasks. You can write down your tasks and the app schedules and reminds you of the task.
my bad habits, kish is wakisha


This one helps you divide your tasks across a board where you can view which tasks you are working on, yet to complete and those completed. I always get that relaxed feeling after completing something. Like this blog post. With Trello, I can keep myself focused and remind myself of the goals I have in mind so that I stop slacking.

trello app, kish is wakisha

I’ll be sharing with you my experiences with these apps so stay tuned.


I’m always talking about how you need to develop a gratitude attitude- how you should count the littlest of blessings and what not, but I don’t always do this. I can be a serial complainer sometimes, especially when things don’t go my way. I’m trying to be this person who accepts plot twists and holds her head in shaky situations. This might be my biggest takeaway from September


This one goes hand in hand with one of the resolutions I made for October in my video and that’s not snoozing my alarm. I want to make October as productive as possible.

What about you? Do you have any new month goals you have set for yourself? Leave a comment below so I know we’re in this together.