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It’s been a green tea themed month for me because I just discovered the benefits of green tea for my first time and I literally went mad. Mad enough to cook up this green tea sugar scrub starring green tea bags, sugar and almond oil. Almond oil isn’t an oil I use regularly, but I decided to join all my Almondites who boast of the rich benefits of this essential oil. Anyone who wants an intense exfoliant will appreciate this green tea scrub. I just discovered its benefits, and hope to continue using it for the next 4 weeks or so.

It’s made up of;

-2 green tea bags ( I used Kericho Gold Green Tea)

-2 tsp sugar

-1 tsp almond oil

NB: This quantity was enough for my entire body excluding face.


I used the tea bags for tea and then stored them in the refrigerator for this scrub. Tear the tea bags and empty their contents into a bowl.
Green Tea Sugar Scrub

Add your sugar and almond oil and mix until uniform. I always apply my exfoliating scrubs on warm and wet skin. Massage the scrub onto your skin gently, wait 10 minutes and then wash it off. Use your favorite moisturizer afterwards.

My Experience

This green tea scrub feels amazing to apply because it has a strong minty smell that relaxes you. It feels very rough so you need to scrub gently to avoid irritating your skin. After washing it off, my skin looked clean, shiny, felt smooth to touch and looked younger.

Green Tea Sugar Scrub

Notice that in the After pic my skin looks more even and looks softer. It looks younger and less damaged than in the Before pic. My hands were rough and dry prior to application, but now they look well moisturized. My skin feels hydrated and looks healthy.

Beauty Benefits of Ingredients Used

Green tea contains a high amount of antioxidants. Its anti-inflammatory properties help reduce scars and blemishes. It helps remove dirt and impurities clogging pores. It’s also great at maintaining skin elasticity and fighting signs of aging.

Green Tea Sugar Scrub

Almond oil is very light. This makes it easy for the body to absorb it. The oil penetrates deeply into the skin and removes any accumulated debris. Almond oil is rich in Vitamin E which keeps the skin youthful and bright.

Green Tea Sugar Scrub Tips

-Make sure you use the scrub right after preparation to utilize its maximum exfoliating power. Remember to apply it on your skin gently.

-Use the scrub in the shower because it’s very messy

-I used the scrub before bed and didn’t find a strong need to moisturize. If you’re using it in the morning, don’t forget to layer on extra moisture.

Is this something you would try? Please let me know in the comments below. I’ll keep you posted on my progress here so make sure you check back after 4 weeks if you want to keep up with my green tea shenanigans. Until then, stay hydrated! Xx


(Photos taken using LG Nexus 5- HDR on)