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If there’s one person I hold dear to me, it’s my stomach. And because we care for those we love, I like to reward my tummy with good food. This fishcakes recipe makes for a sweet, easy to whip up surprise to your tastebuds. The best bit about it is that this dish can go with almost anything. Serve it with stir fry veggies or a salad. I shared how I had my fish cakes on my Instagram.

For your homemade fish cakes you will need the following;

-Tilapia fish fillets (salmon or tuna is equally good)

-Potatoes (I used 4 small ones)

-Coriander (dhania)

-1 white onion & 1 red onion

-Green chillies

-Juice of a lemon, salt and tabasco

-Olive oil

-Tropical Heat Ginger, Nutmeg & Cumin powder, Mixed spices and Rosemary leaves




Boil your potatoes until they are half cooked. Do the same for your fish. Boil time should be about 8 minutes. Leave to cool after.

Fishcakes Recipe, How To Cook Fishcakes

Chop your onions, coriander, garlic and green chillies. Don’t use any chillies if you don’t want your fish cakes spicy. If you want them mild, removes the seeds from the peppers.

Once your boiled fillets and potatoes cool, mash them. Add flour to the mash along with all your powdery ingredients i.e. ginger, nutmeg cumin and rosemary leaves. Pour in your lemon juice, tabasco and salt. Don’t go crazy on the tabasco.

Divide your fishcakes into medium sized circles of 2cm thickness. Pop them into the fridge for about an hour to allow them to firm slightly.

Fishcakes Recipe, How To Cook Fishcakes

Put a large frying pan on medium heat and pour in your olive oil. Make it so your fish cakes are about ¾ sunken in olive oil.

When it’s hot, add your fishcakes and cook for 3 minutes on both sides or until they’re crisp and brown. Serve right away with lemon halves if you want that extra citric sizzle.

My Result

I thoroughly enjoyed the process and outcome of my meal. My ingredients collectively provided a rich taste for my fish cakes. I could taste the sweet lemon in every bite.

Fish cakes recipe, fish cakes

My prep time was about 2 hours including the time it needed for the portions to firm. It’s a meal I’d whip up when I have 2 or 3 friends over and it would also make for a sweet brunch snack.

My Mistakes

I let my fillets overboil. The result was soggy-like fish that would probably make Chef Ramsey throw them in my face. I wasn’t able to have nice, firm portions because of this. I also found out about the fridge thing much later.

My fishcakes overcooked outside, but were undercooked inside. I didn’t mind the extra burn because this little fishy was crispier. I should have had enough oil on my pan.

Let me know if you’ll be making your own homemade fish cakes any time soon. Comment what you’ll be serving them with!

(Photos taken using LG Nexus 5)