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When it comes to storage and DIY solutions I like to think of myself as a mix of minimalist and cheap. That is, I want to make the most of what I have with me and I’m not about to break bank. That’s why when I broke these coconuts in half and saw a round usable vessel, tons of possible décor and storage ideas popped in my head.

These are designed for the décor enthusiast in you looking for something to create interest, spark conversation and just feel good to look at.

1.The Accessory Holder

I used this half of the coco to store my hair accessories.

DIY Simple Storage Solutions

2.The Positive Thoughts Coco

This one is pretty sacred to me and it’s where I write down positive aspects about myself then read them later when I want an energy boost or I’m feeling low.

DIY Simple Storage Solutions Using Coconuts

3.Shell Me Baby

I put a few seashells that I collected on the beach into this one just because I love to look at them.

DIY Simple Storage Solutions With Coconuts

I hope this post gave you some simple DIY décor inspo. I’d love to see some of your recycled DIY options so tag me on any of my social media below.