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This body scrub is more about how it makes you feel rather than what it does for your skin. Never have I been so impressed by a body scrub. This ginger body scrub has everything- it’s easy to make, has a beautiful scent, scrubbing power, super exfoliant, etc. etc.

I haven’t been this blown away by a homemade body scrub in a long time. To make your own ginger scrub, you will need the following;

-1 whole ginger root chopped and crushed (I used leftover ginger from my Ginger Tea)

-2 tbsp. coconut oil

-1 tbsp. sugar

-1 tsp ginger powder


Place your 2tbsp of coconut oil on a pan and put on very low heat. Add your chopped ginger to the coconut oil and let it heat for 3 minutes. You want the coconut oil and ginger to infuse properly.

DIY Ginger Body Scrub

Once this is done, pour into a bowl and leave it to cool. Mash the ginger and add ginger powder followed by sugar. Wash your face using warm water to open your pores and pat yourself dry using a towel. Apply the scrub using your fingers and leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes before washing it off with warm water followed by cold water to close your pores.

My Experience

I used my scrub on my whole body after my shower. The scrub smelt so refreshingly tasty. The scent of ginger is incredibly invigorating. As I massaged it into my skin, I felt myself become more and more mesmerized by the smell of ginger.

DIY Ginger Body Scrub

It’s like it has this way of calming you and relaxing you completely. It left my skin feeling deliciously soft. There was no need to moisturize after as that coconut oil really does your body justice. My skin looked smooth and also felt amazing. The toasty aroma of Kentaste coconut oil makes things all the sweeter. It combines so beautifully with ginger. I am in love with how this scrub smells. I have tasted heaven and this scrub is it.

DIY Ginger Body Scrub

I used Tropical Heat ginger powder which is a good substitute for when you don’t have ginger root in your kitchen.

DIY Ginger Body Scrub Tips

-Be careful when using this scrub in the shower because coconut oil can make surfaces very slippery

-Exfoliation is an important part of a beauty routine- it helps you remove dead skin cells. If you have any scrub leftover, store it in your refrigerator. It can keep for up to 2 weeks. My scrub felt intense because of the sugar quantity. Intense exfoliators should NOT be used on a daily basis.

Even as I am typing, I can’t help but immerse myself in the nostalgia of rubbing this sweet body scrub on my skin. It felt amazing on my skin and the results are also mind-blowing. It’s definitely joined my homemade scrub roster and I look forward to enjoying more DIY gingery body scrubs and facemasks. Will you be using this homemade ginger scrub any time soon? Please let me know in the comments below!


(Photos taken using LG Nexus 5- HDR setting in natural light)